H & F Tory councillors go drinking rather than scrutinize council budget

I found this interesting story on Cllr Stephen Cowan’s excellent blog. It seems that the Tories on the council are more interested in getting pissed in the local boozer than doing the work they’re supposed to do.

Cllr Cowan says,

The biggest areas of H&F Council’s budget are in adult social care and housing. If you add in the overlap with the health services then the Select Committee charged with looking into this year’s budget (see page 88) in those departments had an awesome responsibility… At least that’s what most reasonable people would think. So why did the Conservative Committee Chair only allow a mere fifteen minutes for his committee to question officials about the sixty page budget document – most of which is page after page of detailed figures?

You can read the rest of his blog here.

The Dear Leader has pledged savage cuts but has promised to do all he can to help Toby Young move his free school into Palingswick House.  Greenhalgh: he’s all heart.

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