I am a writer, blogger, activist, satirist and educator.

If you don’t understand sarcasm or irony, then this blog isn’t for you.

There are serious articles here too.

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  1. Hey Guy,

    Just finished reading your post about how Israel and Palestine have resumed peace talks. I’d like to recommend the following video from newsy.com for you blog post.


    The video takes a look at what the global media is saying about the issue. Similar to what your blog does, Newsy analyzes what the different sources are saying and compiles it into a short 2-3 minute video.

    Like you said, there’s certainly no reason to hold your breath here because we’ve been down this road before. These two countries definitely disagree on numerous issues as you point out and all it talks is one disagreement for these talks to fall apart.

    Hope you consider embedding the video and thanks for your time.

    Kyle Luke
    Community Manager

  2. Sam

    Comments about Gilligan in Vaz section are priceless: http://www.christineshawcroft.co.uk/nec

    • Gilligan provided a CV with forged refs? Some things never change! I can’t think of a sloppier journalist than Gilligan. He’s lazy and irresponsible and the Telegraph should sack him.

  3. john

    Alternative comedy is persons making total and utter idiots of themselves, as if they were bereft of pride. This is not wrong, we are in an historical process where we are convincing enemies that we entirely worthless and thaty their right to replace us cannot be doubted. However they do not understand our behaviour is a ploy to mislead them. It is with thanks that we look upon people who have given up large parts of their lives to mislead these enemies into believing that we are some what retarded and have no idea of what is happening around us. Your e mail name appears as if it is either a clever joke designed to mislead, which indeed it could be, or it gives the appearance that you live in hell or accept going there, what, which? It might be better for you to use something more positive? Best wishes.

  4. Geordie Mark

    Following a tip from a friend of mine who described you as a caricature of a Marxist Leftie I spent a couple of hours going through your blogs and found out that you are supporter of all things Labour and display a visceral hatred of all things Conservative. You also are a purveyor of deluded Marxist ideology, extremely keen on big-state intervention, illogical at times, a fanatical EU integrationist, an enthusiastic supporter of Ken Livingstone and of the Palestinian cause (I suspect that you consider Yasser Arafat a more enlightened leader than Margaret Thatcher). You also have an obsession with, and a hatred of, Andrew Gilligan that is worthy of a psychiatrist assessment, surely to be followed by diagnostic and a treatment with strong anti-psychotic medication.

    I can only conclude that my friend’s description of you was very kindly worded.

    • Ah, the rantings of a sick and feeble mind. I’ve approved your post, so that everyone can see what sort of sociopathic drivel passes for the Right’s idea of ‘reasoned’ discussion. Hope you get well soon.

      • Geordie Mark

        How generous of you to approve my post and how interesting to see that you are not denying any of my statements within. As to the rantings of a sick and feeble mind, your arguments on your blog “The confused world of Daniel Hannan, aged 6 and a half” where you could not see the difference between euroscepticism and xenophobia and your deny that the Labour party is a Socialist party are textbook material (in sick and feeble arguments).

      • What is there to deny? You’ve offered a load of narratives. You’ll have to do much better. As for Euroscepticism and xenophobia, as much as you deny it, there is a nasty xenophobic streak running through your beloved party.

        But let’s return to narratives, your hero, Dan, wrote a blog that suggested that Eurosceptics are more likely to be polyglots than those who were ‘Europhiles’. That thesis – such as it is – is a piece of blatant myth-construction. You folks know all about myths…

      • Labour ceased to be a ‘socialist’ party a long time ago. But I don’t expect to convince such a closed mind of that.

    • Ed

      I am Pro-EU. I am also bilingual. I have always loved languages and learning languages has been my only aptitude so far. I continue to learn more languages including a few obscure ones such as Welsh.

  5. Thatcher was “enlightened”? That really is hilarious.

    • Geordie Mark

      I understand you don’t like “enlightened”, but of the two mentioned leaders, Arafat and Thatcher, did you like or dislike one more than the other?

  6. You make all of this stuff up. For example this
    I understand you don’t like “enlightened”

    Are you a mind reader as well as a numpty?

    On the basis of your Thatcher was enlightened comment, it would be reasonable to argue that Attila the Hun was a peacemaker.

  7. Anf Braybrooke

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, and just thought I’d give you a message and follow to let you know. Kind regards.

  8. I agree, There are no “politics.” There is merely the portrayal of politics, contrived debates, arguments with no conclusions, hopes with no conviction to obtain them. “Politics” is an empty vessel. Its corpse washes up and down the Mississippi River. You can see it from time to time. It usually takes the form of this years bestselling account of a “Founding Father,” which a wise reader tossed into the much where it belongs. Founding Father of WHAT? A useless Constitution? If one can be fired for anything posted online and after hours, then anyone who needs employment has zero First Amendment rights. None. But I’m sure you will receive a response from the usual maniacs who think the Jews conspire in everything, conveniently neglecting the fact that if they held such sway, then they must have colluded in their own genocide. You are your own constitution or you have none. The paper its written on is worth more then the words, the signatures worth more at an auction than its obviously bankrupt authors’ minds or ideas. With reason, and the knowledge violence is useless, one writes her own laws and abides by them because they’re just. Or not. Join your persecutors or form your nation of one. You’ll find nothing else.

  9. S Jones

    The public have to take responsibility for the election results as well.

    I don’t think that even you would deny that a labour govt. under Miliband would be far preferable to this. the objective ought to have been to keep the Tories out. Not voting at all did, of course, keep them in.

    Holding grudges because Labour shared a platform with the Tories re the referendum is mere childishness – and are you aware of the pacts the SNP have made with the tories?
    the public are conditioned by the media and the media, along with consumerism, keep the public docile and immature. i don’t think it too strong to argue that democracy itself is in crisis.

    • Why are you posting this comment here? Are you aware of the pacts made at a local level between Labour and the Tories? Labour also shared a platform with the Tories under the ‘Better Together’ banner. Do you honestly think that helped their election campaign? Have a think about that and get back to me.

  10. Please make a comment on my debord inspired polite notices thank you

    • Er, what sort of comment would you like?

      • Something positive and witty about how Debord would either be amused or disgusted to see English translations of his quotes from Society of the Spectacle reframed as Polite Notices in fancy frames at an art exhibition. [They WERE NOT for sale by the way] And a bit about his issues with bourgeois art etc. (But hopefully amused). Or any parody of artspeak bollocks will do – you know the sort of thing. Ok – go on then – write something caustic instead…take the piss – I don’t mind. I like your blog – one of the best I’ve seen for bloody ages

      • Okay. I’ll have a wee think.

  11. Cheers, Bud. As you may know, I’m @fidelbistro on twitter

  12. Thanks – not a bad name for a cappuccino communist. Here are the Polite Notices mentioned earlier https://artdanpounds.wordpress.com/art-works/

  13. Sabine

    I just discovered you. You’re a star!

  14. Richard Butterworth

    Love this blog. Amid the online slurry of the drivelling swivel-eyed – you know who they are: ConHome, Commentator, the Billy Bunteralike at Guido Fawkes pleased to chuck piteous right-wing barbs, stir up British wannabe Glen Becks then duck behind his DFS sofa as soon as anything vaguely civilised turns up at the portal – Guy Debord’s Cat shines like a John Steinbeck novel on Ayn Rand’s bookshelf. Keep it coming.

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