H&F Tories: they like a drink

H&F's Geoff Alltimes had a £7,000 send off at the taxpayer's expense

How can a public body spend over £7,000 on a booze up? The answer: easy, especially if the public body concerned is Hammersmith & Fulham Council.  The council recently spent £7,184 on a retirement party for its Chief Executive, Geoff Alltimes, who was also paid a whopping £300,000 per annum while he was on the council’s payroll. The Cowan Report also tells us that,

his annual pension is estimated to be £104,000 a year and he is also estimated to have received a tax free, lump sum payment of £270,000 as part of his leaving package.

Shepherds Bush blog tells us that Alltimes is

one of the most well-paid Local Authority Chief Executives in the United Kingdom.

Most council employees can expect to earn a fraction of what Alltimes earns and receive a pension that is worth much less.

Shepherds Bush blog has the full story here.

The Cowan Report also has the story here.

Do you remember this story?

The words “piss up” and “brewery” come to mind.

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