Aaron Porter, the best friend a Tory hack can get

I don’t like cry babies and whingers, so when Fernando Torres left my beloved club for Chelsea, I was half pleased and half upset. He’s spent a lot of time sulking and being a miserable pain-in-the-arse. So good riddance to him.  I feel no such emotions for Aaron Porter who has proved himself to be a liar as well as a cry baby. Though seeing the back of him would give me and many others great relief.

Have a look at his Twitter page

Aaron Porter
AaronPorter Aaron Porter
Will not back down to intimidation, and certainly not to racial abuse. We need unity to win for students.
Aaron Porter
AaronPorter Aaron Porter
first interviews of the day done; @SkyNews & local radio in Manchester. #mancdemo #demo2011
So on Sunday he was still repeating the lie that he suffered anti-Semitic abuse, only this time he calls it “racial” abuse. He even talked to Sky News. I’ll bet they loved him: the model student leader who sucks up to the Murdoch press. He’s played right into their hands. Well done, Aaron for doing the work of the Tory press for them. I love the way he says “we need unity”. What a joker. Have you ever thought about doing an open spot at the Comedy Store or Highlights?
Here’s a piece of advice, Aaron: get your hearing tested by a professional. It’s clear that you are suffering from the onset of selective hearing syndrome.

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