The anti-democratic nature of the Tories or ‘freedom’ by another name

The Conservative Party and their allies in the press and the various think-tanks are anti-democratic. Since the 1980s, the Tories have embarked on measures designed to destroy democratic institutions that do not fit into their notion of democracy. These people believe that freedom can only be obtained through them.

Here are some notable examples:

  1. The abolition of the metropolitan counties in the 1980s. These democratically elected councils were abolished simply because they had the temerity to stand up to Thatcher’s anti-democratic policies which were designed to destroy local services. The metropolitan councils formed the single biggest opposition to Thatcher. When they were abolished, the people living in the metropolitan counties had no local voice or government.
  2. Draconian anti-union laws enacted by Thatcher are about to be strengthened by the current government. Trade unions are democratic bodies that act in the interest of their members. Leaders are democratically elected by their membership. The recent lies in the Tory press about how union leaders are being paid out of the state’s coffers shows just how anti-democratic the Tories are. They don’t like unions and they hate the idea of union members using their right to strike. In 1978, the Tory-supporting Freedom Association worked tirelessly to crush the Grunwick Strike.
  3. The Poll Tax or Community Charge was introduced to replace the rates. However, in order to vote, you had to pay the tax. Ian Lang, the government minister responsible for the Poll Tax, believed that the Scots would love the tax because it was all about ‘equality’ and wanted it introduced in Scotland first. You know what happened next.
  4. The government’s announcement that it was going to redraw the electoral boundaries and cut the number of MPs is fundamentally anti-democratic because it is a form of gerrymandering that will result in greater numbers of Tory MPs which will automatically lead to an elected one-party state with a weak opposition.
  5. The number of MPs required to force a no confidence vote is to be increased to 55%. Even some Tory backbenchers are questioning the wisdom of the government’s proposal. This will again lead to an elected one-party state with a weak opposition.
  6. The proposal to have elected sheriffs to oversee local law enforcement means that the application of some laws will vary from place to place. There is nothing to stop a BNP member from being elected sheriff in an area where the BNP (or UKIP) has strong support. This could lead to the law being used for purely racial purposes.

All of these examples have been exercised in the name of “freedom”. In other words, one group feels that in order to be more free, it has to limit the freedoms of others. That isn’t freedom. It’s a form of oppression.

The only way neoliberal economic policies can be implemented is by force. No one wants an NHS that is forced to behave as though it were a publicly limited company, nor do patients and other end users of public services want to be regarded as customers. All of this must be imposed on the public by the government.


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13 responses to “The anti-democratic nature of the Tories or ‘freedom’ by another name

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  5. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    The last two paragraphs make excellent, excellent points. Please read and share.

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    A good warning to take heed of.

  7. amnesiaclinic

    Excellent work. However, before we get too partisan I think a similar list could be made for labour?? Blair and the lies of wmd and ending habeus corpus for starters. This is a world-wide phenomenon. The Patriot Act in the US after 911 and the the NDAA as well as militarisation of the police. We are catching up with water cannon but there was an armed response unit for the Ark Sanctuary last week. Check it out.

    • Sure but in terms of purely democratic institutions, the Tories – in spite of their democratic assertions and protestations – have worked hard to centralise power and abolish or limit the operations of those institutions that work on behalf of their constituents.

  8. jaypot2012

    This unelected coalition are trying to do everything that they can to stop people doing the opposite of what they say. They are scared, scared of the amount of people challenging them, scared that people are starting to slowly wake up and scared of their own “media” starting to report things.
    Wonder if any media will cover the Country Wide Atos protests?
    This excuse for a government KNOW that they will not get back into power, they KNOW that they have let down their own supporters and voters due to the despicable lies that they tell.
    They know that their policies have ruined them and that’s why they are trying to destroy everything that they can in order to bring us down – but they won’t and they are too late in even trying.

    • The MSM rarely covers protests these days, unless there’s trouble at them.

      The Tories know that they can’t win the next general election on the merit of their terrible policies, so they will spend the next 14 months constructing more enemies and lying through their teeth about their ‘achievements’.

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