NHS ‘reforms’ = Goodbye NHS

Some Tories have always hated the National Health Service. Their reasons for hating it vary from their adherence to neoliberalism to the fact that they have never used the NHS and only view it from afar.

Two years ago, Daniel Hannan appeared on Fox News to attack the NHS (which is referred to as “socialized medicine”). Today he returns to this theme. The title of his blog is “Whom do we trust on the NHS: elected ministers or trade unions”? Do you really want to know the answer? Let’s put it this way, it isn’t the ministers.

American righties love him. He speaks in a posh English accent and is articulate. But being articulate means nothing if your logic is flawed and the information you disseminate is incomplete, faulty or plain false. Most Americans know only what they’re told about the NHS and when Hannan pops up on some Fox News programme attacking and spreading misinformation about it, it is the only message in town. To date and to my knowledge, no one has appeared on US television to defend the NHS from Hannan’s bunkum.

Dan forgets that the unions are involved in the day to day running of the NHS. Whereas ministers – especially free-market Tory ministers – have an ideological agenda and do not work day-to-day in the hospitals and clinics. But then Dan is no fan of trade unions. In his world, unions would not exist and everything that hasn’t been subjected to marketization would be marketized.

Who do I trust on the NHS? I would certainly trust the unions over ministers. and I won’t take Hannan’s words seriously. I doubt that he’s ever used the NHS.

Here, Dan plays his time-for-change card

We are conflicted in our attitude to the NHS. We moan about it, but are reluctant to contemplate alternatives. We criticise its failings, but refuse to infer anything from them.

Let’s remind ourselves what he said about the NHS

Here he is on Glenn “I cry on cue” Beck repeating the same lies. Beck practically has his tongue up Hannan’s arse.

Note the way Beck laughingly claims that any health care reforms are “unconstitutional”.

Here he is again (he’s a notorious self-publicist) on Reason TV talking about the NHS, Enoch Powell and The Plan (which I will be critiquing in the coming weeks).

The NHS would work much better if ministers didn’t interfere in it and vain self-publicists like Hannan didn’t go around spreading untruths about it.

Yesterday the British Medical Association (is this what Hannan means by “unions”?) voiced their opposition to the proposed changes calling them “dangerous”.

What’s in store? More unnecessary competition, further marketization and the all important ‘customer choice’. What next? Organ banks where you can deposit or withdraw organs?

UPDATE: 2127

Added final paragraph.

UPDATE: 26/11/11 @ 1715

I haven’t had time to fully critique The Plan because I’ve been too busy with my research.


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