Telegraph Comment of the Week (#2)

This week’s comment was left on this blog by Jake Wallis Simmons.

One of the favourite topics that exercises the minds of legions of Torygraph commenters is immigration. Paradoxically, these people aren’t against all forms of immigration. They’ll happily allow fascists and war criminals into the country as long as they have the right kind of pigmentation.

One group that comes in for a special kind of hatred is the Roma.



34 minutes ago

Any country opening itself up to the Roma gypsy problem has got to be insane. They are openly hated across Eastern Europe, including by the native Romanians and Bulgarians.

If those gypsies leave Romania, Bulgaria etc and move to Britain the native Romanians will be more than pleased.   What is currently their problem will become our problem. The Romanians will be happy to get rid of them.

Seeing camps of them already in London is not enough for you ? How would you like a shanty town of them on your doorstep ?


There are no “racists in UKIP”? That’s funny, we have one right here. There is a widespread belief among Kippers that the entire populations of Romania and Bulgaria will decant themselves to Britain. But for Kippers it’s worse: it’s those Roma. Oh, how they hate the Roma. Substitute the word “Roma” for “Jew” or “Black” and see what happens. Mind you, many Kippers hate Jews and Blacks too.

Notice how “swindonukipper” tells readers how the Roma are “openly hated across Eastern Europe”. He’s forgotten Western Europe where the Roma are also subject to abuse and discrimination. He’s also ignored the long history of Roma persecution that culminated with the Nazi death camps. if “swindonukipper” had his way, there would be death camps in this country. You can bet on that.

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