Right-wing clichés (Part 1): The politics of envy

What exactly does the phrase “politics of envy” mean? Well, to the Tories (their right libertarian chums), it means that they see anyone who isn’t one of them or who doesn’t have the same amount of economic, social and cultural capital as being ‘envious’ of them. This well-worn cliché has been around for the better part of 50 years and is rolled out each time the Tories are criticized for engaging in blatant class war and shoring up the interests of their class (i.e. handing out tax cuts for the rich, while making the poor and low-waged pay for them; or claiming that a flat tax will benefit everyone).

The Cat is not envious of the Tories (or the right) for two reasons: 1. I do not envy stupidity or a lack of critical thinking and 2. I have never wanted to be rich nor do I have any desire to have more than I need. The Tories who trot out the “Politics of Envy” as a rebuttal, unwittingly reveal their lack of ideas and their mendacity but they also betray their rapacious impulses.

“The politics of envy” is a phrase that exists to make Tories feel better about themselves; it provides a form of comfort. By using it, they feel that they don’t have to respond to questions about their greed or their blatant class disgust. In this respect they have appropriated the sentiment behind the royal motto, “Dieu et mon droit”. In other words, they believe that they are born to govern and that they have divine endorsement.

Only morons and the greedy want to be rich or Tory.


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    A great summary of a phrase that makes me want to punch the person saying or writing it in the face.

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