The end of ideology? Don’t make me laugh!

I’ve just had a quick scan of an article on Spiked Online where Mick Hume says “political observers should face up to the fact that ‘the end of left and right’ is a reality, not a platitude”. If only that were true, Mick but it isn’t true at all and it is fanciful to delude oneself into thinking that this is the end of the left/right ideological split, when the Tories remain bullishly right wing, masking their authoritarian impulses by offering up the illusion of libertarianism. While on the other hand, Labour continues its journey to the right and the Lib Dems hope to cash in on the confusion by pretending to be all things to all men. The trouble with Hume and his cronies in the Institute of Ideas (IoI) and the other RCP front groups is that they have been detached from reality for a number of years. The RCP were notorious for interrupting meetings and rallies in the 1980’s. I can recall arguing with them on many an occasion; I’d get close to uncovering their true face when they’d call for back up from a senior member of the local cell.

The RCP were never left wing and have managed to infiltrate the highest levels of society. They have placed themselves in positions of great influence both culturally and politically. Not a week passes by when at least two of them are on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze. Clare Fox is a regular on the programme along with ‘Mad’ Melanie Phillips. That tells you all you need to know about the Moral Maze and the ideological positions of those on the panel.

So no, Mr Hume, there is still a left and right in this country. The right currently have the upper hand but there are still plenty of us who see ourselves as left wing and no, we aren’t dinosaurs, we just don’t fall for your bullshit.

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