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Tory Election Fraud: No Charges

Few people can be surprised that the CPS will not be prosecuting Tory MPs and agents for failing to correctly declare their elections expenses.  This is a serious blow for democracy in the United Kingdom, which continues to operate the archaic First Past The Post system to elect its legislators. It is well known that the Conservative Party is awash with money from shadowy donors, who are themselves drawn from the 1%.

The BBC only really started reporting the story in its television and radio news when it appeared certain that no charges were to be brought. Now, one could suggest that this was a non-story and that is the reason the BBC avoided it. However, The Cat would narrow his eyes and say “nonsense”.

The response from the Tories was predictable and shrill. Patrick McLoughlin, the Conservative Party chairman claimed  “false and malicious claims” were made about his candidates on the Internet and added:

“After a very thorough investigation, we are pleased that the legal authorities have confirmed what we believed was the case all along, that these Conservative candidates did nothing wrong.

“These were politically motivated and unfounded complaints that have wasted police time. We are glad that this matter is finally resolved.”

Make no mistake, if  Labour or Green candidates had been accused of falsely declaring their election expenses, the Tories would have made a lot of noise. Hypocrisy much?

Karl McCartney,  the Tory candidate for Lincoln, said:  “This whole saga amounts to no more than a politically-motivated witch-hunt.” You clearly don’t know what a witch hunt is, Karl.

Jeremy Corbyn told BBC: “I am interested and surprised by it. We will have to look at the details.”

One case, that of Craig McKinlay in Thanet South, remains in the hands of the CPS. There could still be prosecutions.

Democracy is for sale.

EDITED TO ADD; 10/5/17 @ 1612

Tory Party chairman, Patrick McLoughlin, has threatened to sue anyone on the Internet, who he claims have made:

“A number of false and malicious claims continue to be spread on the internet. People should be aware that making false claims about a candidate’s personal character and conduct is an electoral offence, as well as being defamatory.”

Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads was forthright:

The Tories are bullies (qv. Lucy Allan, Mark Clarke, Grant Shapps et al) and will threaten anyone that speaks up with the courts. Why? Because they have the money and money talks. The legal system doesn’t work for the majority; it works for those that have the money, power and influence.

To McLoughlin, I’ll say this: come and get me.




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The Labour Party Doesn’t Work With Nationalists? Pull The Other One

Last night, Ed Miliband confirmed that he would not do a deal of any kind with the Scottish National Party. In the event of a hung parliament, Miliband and his Labour Party would seemingly prefer that the Tories formed the next government than seek a confidence and supply arrangement with the SNP. Yes, you read that correctly, Miliband is apparently happy to condemn the voters to five more years of Tory cruelty. Thanks a lot.

If the Labour Party has a problem with nationalism, then it is a selective problem. Labour has traditionally relied on the support of The Social Democratic and Labour Party of Northern Ireland – an Irish nationalist party. During the Lib-Lab pact of the late 1970s, the SDLP supported the Labour government of Jim Callaghan but withdrew their support over Sunny Jim’s concessions to the Ulster Unionist Party that gave them more seats. The SDLP voted with the Tories in the no confidence motion that triggered the 1979 general election. Yet it’s the SNP that is still castigated for ‘ushering in’ the Thatcher regime. This is nothing but a myth. The last time I checked, the SDLP still wanted a united Ireland too. During the 2010 election, there was even talk of Labour doing a coalition deal with the Lib Dems, the SDLP, the Alliance Party and the Greens. This came to nothing.

The SDLP was formed in 1970 from two parties: Gerry Fitt’s Republican Labour Party and the smaller, but no less nationalist, National Democratic Party. The latter practised abstentionism and the former disagreed with that position. The Republican Labour Party had, itself, been formed from Fitt’s Socialist Republican Party and Harry Diamond, the sole representative of the Irish Labour Party north of the border, who’d left that party to join Fitt’s party. Confused? Don’t be. The joke going around at the time was “two one-man parties had become a one two-man party”.

Curiously, in the Northern Ireland Assembly, the SDLP refused to do a deal with Sinn Féin (the third largest party in the 1918 General Election) and is now quietly supporting the Democratic Unionist Party and Ulster Unionist Party at Stormont.

SDLP rejects Sinn Fein’s proposal for a progressive pact.

SDLP rules out SF election pact to counter unionist deal.

SDLP ‘silent partners in unionist election pact

If the SDLP carries on at this rate, it will go the same way as Scottish Labour.

Labour also worked in coalition with Plaid Cymru in the Welsh Assembly from July 2007 to December 2009. It was called the One Wales agreement. My, what short memories we have!

The three main parties (and UKIP) seem content to alienate Scotland which, ironically, works against their best efforts to cling onto the decaying union. The attitude towards Scottish voters has been nothing short of contemptuous. It’s as if to say “If you vote SNP, we’re not going to listen to you”. It would seem that Labour is prepared to work with nationalist parties, as long as they’re not Scottish nationalists.

If the union is broken up, it will be mainly the fault of the three main parties (and UKIP) for whipping up fear and anti-Scottish hatred among English and Welsh voters.

Unionists: they can’t even shoot themselves in the foot properly.


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Isn’t It Time International Observers Oversaw Our Elections?

While Lutfur Rahman’s enemies cheered at the High Court ruling that barred him from office for electoral fraud and the arcane charge of ‘spiritual influence’, two stories of possible electoral malfeasance appeared in the last few days.

The first was an apparent printing error that omitted the names of the Labour and Green Parties but included a candidate who claims to represent the long-defunct Social Democratic Party.

The BBC reports:

More than 480 postal ballot papers have been sent out without the names of the Green and Labour Party candidates.

Labour’s Karl Turner and the Green Party’s Sarah Walpole were not on the list for the Hull East constituency.

In a separate story, 200,000 ballot papers mysteriously vanished en route to the Hastings and Rye constituency.

The Independent reports:

More than 200,000 ballot papers have gone missing after a van containing them was stolen by thieves ahead of next week’s election.

72,300 of the blank election ballot papers were intended for the Hastings and Rye constituency in East Sussex, while the remaining 130,000 were headed to Eastbourne.

Officers investigating the theft, which took place overnight, said they found nothing to suggest the white Mercedes van was targeted for its contents.

We often think electoral fraud and vote-rigging only happens in so-called Third World countries. If it happened in the United States in 2000 and 2004, then it can happen here.

Isn’t it time international observers came and oversaw our elections?


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