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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#7)

This week’s Telegraph comment comes from numbskull “josiexuereb”, who left this comment on Dan Hannan’s blog.

Josiexurb anti-Semite

Notice how “josiexuereb” skirts around history to promote the notion that the biggest threat of anti-Semitism comes from Islam rather than the far-right. She’s completely forgotten Edward I’s expulsion of the Jews and the persecution that took place immediately before that.

The comment left under that points out how the parties like Hungary’s Jobbik is openly anti-Semitic and anti-Ziganist (probably anti-Muslim too). No doubt someone will come along and claim that Jobbik is a “socialist” or “far-left” party as they usually do with the fascist BNP. Jobbik is actually a member of the EAF, a European Parliament grouping of far-right parties that includes the BNP. UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom also has close ties to the group.

So what prompted this comment? Hannan wrote a blog which claims that Shakespeare’s Shylock character in The Merchant of Venice “may be a greater incitement to anti-Semitism than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Frankly, I think he’s tilting at windmills. Here’s a taste of the article.

No wonder anti-Semites in every age and nation seize gleefully on the play. No wonder Disraeli’s opponents used to shout “Shylock!” when he addressed Parliament. No wonder performances were so popular in fascist Europe in the 1930s. Even in the 1980s, I listened as a teenager to Peru’s President, Alan García, justifying his nationalisation of the country’s banks (one of which was owned by a Jewish family) by recalling the pound of flesh story. I wish I could say that García had missed the point of the play, but the awkward truth is that the theatre-goer is invited to spit upon Shylock with the otherwise high-minded Antonio; to declare with Gratiano, “O, be thou damn’d, inexorable dog!”

Hannan ignores how The Protocols has been used to assert an international Jewish conspiracy. This has far greater potency in the minds of anti-Semites than a character in a Shakespeare play.

I’ve just gone back to Hannan’s blog and noticed that the comment that replied to “josiexuereb” has been removed. I would suggest that what was said in that comment upset the Lyin’ King and his far-right readers.

UPDATE: 15/9/13 @1028

josiexuereb’s comment has been removed. Never mind, I still have a screenshot.

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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#6)

This week’s comment is from self-styled racial nationalist, Roger Hicks.

Racist Roger Hicks2

Hicks claims, as he always claims, that “native Britons” are “self-loathing”. The only way they can rid themselves of this “self-loathing” is to embrace a form of apartheid.

Hicks tends to view race as something that is more than socially constructed and will make the reductionistic claim that ‘races’ are like villagers, who react badly when a stranger calls.  Hicks’s thinks that white people are one big happy family and will happily elide cultural differences between Europeans to promote a view of a homogeneous culture that is based on skin colour. Yet, if he were really pushed, we would probably find that he prefers blond, blue-eyed Scandinavians to darker skinned Southern Europeans.

Like all right-wing bigots, Hicks suffers from paranoid delusions. If you see him, please do not approach him but contact your nearest police station.

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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#5)

Another difficult choice with at least five comments in the race.

This isn’t a single comment, it’s a conversation of sorts between a pair of numpties and an interloper who’s trying to talk sense. This was found on Damian Thompson’s blog, which usually tends to attract a fair number of weirdos and cranks.

Convo between numpties

It’s the one whose username is a series of asterisks who writes…

and an awful lot of money could be returned to the UK treasury by selling the BBC to the Arabs, since it is already their principal propaganda outlet in the UK.

…that gets me.

“*****” presumes the BBC is part of some New World Order Eurabian conspiracy to force Sharia law onto us. The BBC isn’t “pro-Arab” at all – unless you’re watching a Bizarro World version of the Beeb.

“Fred Scuttle” makes a sensible point but then “binliedto” comes along and wishes he would “set [himself] on fire” Charming. Are the moderators actually doing their job?

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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#4)

The competition for Telegraph Comment of the Week has been fierce with as many as four contenders. These right-wingers really know how to produce the laughs.

This comment from “Spirit_of_Godfrey_of_Bouillon” is the best of the bunch. Hat tip Suusi M-B for this one, which was found on this Telegraph article by Iain Martin.

Godfrey of Bullshit

In case you were wondering, “Godfrey of Bouillon” was one of the Frankish leaders of the disastrous First Crusade. It is highly likely that “Godfrey of Bullshit”, as I prefer to call him, is a nutty nationalist and an idiot Islamophobe.

What I find amusing about this comment, apart from its glaring medical inaccuracy, is its tick box list of right-wing pet hates.

Godfrey of Bullshit, you’re a winner!

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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#3)

This one comes from Janet Daley’s blog about the Centre for Policy Studies’ (CPS) evidence-free and non-peer reviewed report that claims the BBC has a “left-wing bias”. Only in your dreams, Janet.

Here’s Daley’s appraisal:

The Centre for Policy Studies has published an impeccably researched report which offers objective statistical evidence of the BBC’s persistent habit of describing (which is to say, effectively dismissing) the proposals of think tanks such as the IEA, the Centre for Social Justice, the Taxpayers’ Alliance, and the CPS itself as emanating from “Rightwing” organisations, while offering up material from Leftwing or Labour-supporting groups without any such health-warning. The effect, needless to say, is to cast political suspicion on the published claims or policy suggestions of the outfits labelled “Rightwing”, even when the material they contain is factual and empirically indisputable.

Yes, but Janet, the CPS is right-wing. It was founded in 1974 by Thatcher, Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Alfred Sherman. You can’t get more right-wing than the CPS. But “factually and empirically indisputable” is something the CPS’s reports are not. Right-wing think tanks don’t think they need to bother with such trivial things as evidence as I pointed out in this blog.

Enter sage and nationalist wit, offaofmercia or “Offal of Mercia” as I prefer to call him (it has to be a him) with this week’s Telegraph Comment of the Week.

Offal of Mercia (cropped)

Let’s have a look at his points.

1. It “hates British history”… which is why there are tons of programmes about various aspects of British history on BBC Television at the moment. David Starkey is currently presenting a programme about the Tudors and Music.  Offal has also missed (some might say deliberately) the She-Wolves documentary presented by Helen Castor on BBC4 and Michael Wood’s series King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons on the same channel. Massive FAIL.

2. Not sure where Offal gets his ideas that the BBC “hates that Britain was once the greatest power” drivel from. I guess he keeps missing those nationalistic programmes fronted by Dan Snow and others. FAIL.

3. It “hates Christianity and Christians”, which is why the dreary Songs of Praise is still running after 52 years. FAIL.

4. It “protects and promotes Islam”. I can’t see how that’s the case and like the CPS report, Offal’s assertion lacks evidence. FAIL.

5. It “promotes the welfare state which is destroying Britain”. In which case, it must be doing a pretty poor job of it. Offal hasn’t seen Saints and Scroungers or that shitty John Humphrys’  Future of Welfare that was recently slapped down by the BBC Trust. In the latter’s case, the right-wing press went into overdrive with claims of BBC’s ‘left-wing bias’. FAIL.

6. It “promotes the NHS which is killing women left, right and centre”. The BBC has said nothing about the NHS privatization plans and has actually danced to the government’s tune.  The BBC has actually failed to offer a voice that is against the government’s plans. As for “killing women”. How has the NHS done this? Offal offers no examples.  So that’s a FAIL.

7. It “promotes the EU and continental orgs/entities that want to destroy British sovereignty”. The BBC only promotes the BBC and the words of government ministers. FAIL.

8. It “promotes pc culture which has the entire nation walking on eggshells at all times”. What is a “pc culture” and how is it “promoted” by the BBC? Is it because The Black and White Minstrel Show was axed over 30 years ago? That must be it. In which case it is a FAIL.

9. It “despises anything to the right of the Labour party”, which is why it invites government ministers to appear without a dissenting point of view being put to them. Besides, the Labour leadership is right-wing and has been that way for years. Another FAIL.

10. It “promotes depriving a citizen of his/her freedom  because of his/her thoughts and words”. Truly silly stuff from Offal. I can’t see how the BBC does this. It probably says more about Offal’s paranoia than it does the BBC’s allegedly magical ability to control people’s thoughts and actions. I mean, that’s what the remote control is for: if you don’t like what you see or hear, turn it off or change the channel. Tin Foil Hat City. FAIL.

11. It “forces people to give to it through ‘voluntary fees’ though it has NO TOLERANCE for views on the Right”.  First, the license fee isn’t “voluntary” it’s compulsory if you own a television. The Right’s views are given much more airtime on BBC News than any other views. So again, it’s a FAIL.

So Offal of Mercia thinks the BBC controls our minds and never has any right-wingers in their studios.  Yes and I’m King Cnut.

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Eyes Down For A Full House!

Let’s play extreme right-wing bingo!

Hat tip, Another Angry Voice.

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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#2)

This week’s comment was left on this blog by Jake Wallis Simmons.

One of the favourite topics that exercises the minds of legions of Torygraph commenters is immigration. Paradoxically, these people aren’t against all forms of immigration. They’ll happily allow fascists and war criminals into the country as long as they have the right kind of pigmentation.

One group that comes in for a special kind of hatred is the Roma.



34 minutes ago

Any country opening itself up to the Roma gypsy problem has got to be insane. They are openly hated across Eastern Europe, including by the native Romanians and Bulgarians.

If those gypsies leave Romania, Bulgaria etc and move to Britain the native Romanians will be more than pleased.   What is currently their problem will become our problem. The Romanians will be happy to get rid of them.

Seeing camps of them already in London is not enough for you ? How would you like a shanty town of them on your doorstep ?


There are no “racists in UKIP”? That’s funny, we have one right here. There is a widespread belief among Kippers that the entire populations of Romania and Bulgaria will decant themselves to Britain. But for Kippers it’s worse: it’s those Roma. Oh, how they hate the Roma. Substitute the word “Roma” for “Jew” or “Black” and see what happens. Mind you, many Kippers hate Jews and Blacks too.

Notice how “swindonukipper” tells readers how the Roma are “openly hated across Eastern Europe”. He’s forgotten Western Europe where the Roma are also subject to abuse and discrimination. He’s also ignored the long history of Roma persecution that culminated with the Nazi death camps. if “swindonukipper” had his way, there would be death camps in this country. You can bet on that.

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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#1)

Some of the comments on Telegraph blogs are totally nuts and most are racist or sexist. Many who comment on Telegraph blogs are singularly obsessed (which may indicate an untreated disorder) and others can’t focus on the blog on which they’re commenting.

Here’s this week’s Telegraph comment of the week, which was found on this blog.

Racist NHS comment

Here, “barbican” blames his aunt’s MRSA on “African” doctors. Nowhere Towers is only surprised that this commenter didn’t say “witch-doctor”.


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Smells like government desperation…

In the days since my last blog, I’ve noticed a proliferation of articles and blogs in the Tory press defending The Gidiot and that Daily Mail article. The sheer number of these articles is not an indication of the government’s confidence but of its desperation.

Suffering from a debilitating mix of fear, anxiety (over UKIP) and anger (at being found out), the collective (yes) mass of Tory hatchet-men have squeezed out blog after blog defending The Mail’s colander-like thesis that the Philpott children died because of their thuggish father’s ‘addiction’ to state benefits. “We need to have a debate”, the Right cried. The words they left out were “on terms controlled by us”. The only people who fall for this trick are the gullible readers of the Mail and the parliamentary Labour party, which has a history of losing its nerve at the wrong time.

However this rash of anti-welfare blogs and articles from the Tory press tells us something: the government is desperate. While some trot out the usual stuff and nonsense about affordability and the myth of a “crowded Britain”, others use this tragic event as an opportunity to mount their hobby horses. Take this one from The Lyin’ King:

It wasn’t the 1945 Labour Government that created the welfare state, that Saturn which now devours its children. The real power-grab came in 1940.

With Britain’s manpower and economy commandeered for the war effort, it seemed only natural that ministers should extend their control over healthcare, education and social security. Hayek chronicled the process at first hand: his Road to Serfdom was published when Winston Churchill was still in Downing Street.

Churchill had become prime minister because he was the Conservative politician most acceptable to Labour. In essence, the wartime coalition involved a grand bargain. Churchill was allowed to prosecute the war with all the nation’s resources while Labour was given a free hand to run domestic policy.

The social-democratic dispensation which was to last, ruinously, for the next four decades – and chunks of which are rusting away even today – was created in an era of ration-books, conscription, expropriations and unprecedented spending. The state education system, the NHS, the Beveridge settlement – all were conceived at a time when it was thought unpatriotic to question an official, and when almost any complaint against the state bureaucracy could be answered with “Don’t you know there’s a war on?”

The welfare state is seen here as evil; a monster created by the Labour party, then in a wartime coalition with Churchill’s Tories. But what’s worse is that Hannan dishonestly connects the welfare state to wartime rationing. How did he do this? It’s magic, I tells ya! Magic! It’s also desperate.

Meanwhile Hatchet-job Hodges tells us that “Labour is panicking over welfare”. The Blairite cuckoo in the nest Born Again Tory tells us,

But then Philpott was convicted, the Daily Mail made the welfare state an accessory to the fact, and Shameless George Osborne moved in for the kill. Labour’s initial response was to downplay the whole issue. Then they lost their heads, and dispatched Ed Balls to launch an hysterical attack on Osborne, driving the Chancellor’s comments to the top of the news bulletins, and making the Labour Party look like they had been employed as Mick Philpott’s defence attorneys.

Now we have the spectacle of  Labour trying to recast itself as the party of welfare reform. Suddenly it’s Labour that wants to “make work pay”, is talking of responsibility at the bottom and threatening to remove people’s benefits. And good for Liam Byrne, because this is where Labour should be.

But it’s too late. Much too late. The welfare debate is over. And Labour has lost it.

Hmmm,  smells like government desperation to me. The Cat thinks Balls was right to attack Osborne for his drawing of a hazy line between a tragic event and a poisoned debate on welfare. That doesn’t make me a fan of Balls or the parliamentary Labour Party, by the way. Hodges, the son of Labour MP Glenda Jackson, goes on to note his agreement with millionaire Liam Byrne’s ideas for welfare ‘reform’ , which is no better than what this government is pursuing. The fact that Byrne has started aping the speech of the government’s  mouthpieces indicates weakness on Labour’s part, not panic.

The Tories, impatient for the arrival of the next General Election, have started their campaign early and, with over two years to go, this is a desperate manoeuvre. A lot can happen in two years.  For instance, there may well be scandals involving government ministers.  After all, this government saw its first ministerial casualty within two months of being elected. There’s also the little matter of the suppressed French prosecutor’s report into the misconduct of the Nazi-fetishist, Aidan Burley. It’s all to play for.

To be honest I’m glad the Tories have done this, now we can sit back and watch as the Tory juggernaut crashes and burns in glorious slow motion. My only concern is this:  should Labour win in 2015, they will fail to repeal all the brutal and muddleheaded legislation enacted by this government.

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Student protests and the continuing right wing media backlash

The Mail damages your brain too!

The way that the British media has reported the recent student and worker protests has been woeful at best and downright deceitful at worst. Most of the news outlets concentrate their attention on the tuition fees issue. None of them have bothered to focus on the wider issues:  cuts in further and higher education (which are part of the overall package of public sector cuts) and the scrapping of the Educational Maintenance Allowance.

The other area of interest to the more dishonest sections of the media has been in the socio-political composition of those taking part in the protests. Papers like the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph have constantly reported on “middle class protesters”. Both papers are keen to label some protesters as a “rent-a-mob” and a “hardcore group of activists” who by their very nature are “anarchists”.

Here, the Daily Mail claims that a “very middle class protest was hijacked by anarchists”. The Mail, like so many other papers fails to grasp the fact that students can be both middle class and anarchist. Some students are Conservatives. Some are even Lib Dems. So what? The ‘reporter’ tell us,

..anarchists hijacked the event, setting off the most violent scenes of student unrest seen in Britain for decades. Militants from far-Left groups whipped up a mix of middle-class students and younger college and school pupils into a frenzy.

Two things here. First, the reporter suggests that these young people don’t know their minds and secondly, she assumes that middle class students are always well-behaved and well-mannered.

This Mail article contradicts the one above by saying,

Yet what happened yesterday wasn’t simply the result of anarchist groups and Left-wing agitators intent on creating violent confrontation.

It was the extraordinary fusion of two diverse social groups who suddenly found a common cause.

This article from 15 December claims to have “unmasked” the “hardcore leaders of the student mob”. It claims that,

There was an expat grandfather, a university tutor, a teenage schoolboy, a recent law graduate and a wealthy foreign student whose education was part-funded by the British taxpayer.

What they all had in common yesterday was an apparent central role in the riot which saw Tory Party HQ in Millbank Tower trashed by a howling mob.

Reading through the article it quickly becomes apparent that this is another Mail smear job. Clare Solomon gets a kicking,

One of those who used her position to galvanise support for the protests was Clare Solomon, president of the University of London Union. The 37-year-old mature studen later appeared on Newsnight to defend the violence, describing the attack as only a ‘few smashed windows’.

Currently on sabbatical from the School of Oriental and African Studies, she appears to have developed quite a taste for student life.

She has held university union positions for more than seven years and has served on a committee for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

The tone of this suggests that Solomon is sponging off the taxpayer and this shouldn’t be allowed. Just to add an extra kick to this concoction, the reporter tells us that she has served on various committees for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities”. This reporter knows how to press his reader’s buttons. Other protesters are linked to Palestinian Solidarity, Stop the War, CND et al as if membership of these groups is tantamount to child murder.

Other news reports have claimed that “gangs” have been involved in the ‘violence’. There is no evidence offered for this assertion save for a few photos of black youths, who are often connected with gang activity by the right wing press  It’s a lazy assertion that is based on the knowledge of the Other.

The Mail likes nothing more than to whip up hatred of the Other. So when a national monument is defaced, the spittle flies and their neck veins bulge with rage. This article from 10 December tell us that the “thugs”

…defiled a statue of Winston Churchill by urinating on it, ripped flags from the Cenotaph ­– the nation’s sacred memorial to those who died in the name of liberty – then lit fires and sprayed slogans on the ground in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament.

“Died in the name of liberty”? That’s a bit excessive. As for the Churchill statue, would this be same Winston Churchill who advocated the use of poison gas against the Arabs and Kurds in Mesopotamia (Iraq) in 1920 because it produced a “lively terror” against the so-called “uncivilised tribes”? Churchill’s racism was by no means limited to the Arabs and Kurds, he expressed a dislike of American Indians and Blacks too. He was also an imperialist who hated the working class. Like many workers, the printers and journalists had walked out during the General Strike of 1926. As Home Secretary, Churchill published his own propaganda sheet called The British Gazette which fed stories to the BBC. Ever since this embarrassing episode the BBC has been keen to play down any suggestion that it has collaborated with the state.

The media are very keen to split the anti-cuts movement. They have made wild claims that shadowy subversive groups have either “hijacked” or “infiltrated” the protests. They have attempted to use the issue of class to drive a wedge between protesters. The press has also been dishonest in their reporting of the protests and have simply focussed on a single issue in the vain hope that once the tuition fees vote was won in the Commons, the protests would magically melt away.

A word to the news-gatherers: we are not going anywhere and we are united. Your attempts to split us into different camps according to social class and apparent ideologies will fail. We are on to you!

Students and workers, unite and fight!

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