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Tory assembly members refuse to debate cyclist deaths

Yesterday saw some shameful and disgraceful behaviour from London’s Tories who put their own selfish interests before the lives of the capital’s cyclists.  The entire Tory group walked out of a meeting just before the Assembly was about to debate a recent spike in cycling deaths. Adam Bienkov has the story here.

Shepherds Bush blog adds,

An unholy alliance of Conservatives and Richard Barnbrook – the racist British National Party elected member of the Greater London Authority now serving as an “independent” – took place yesterday, preventing a debate on cyclist safety.

In spite of their protestations, some Tories have always been prepared to co-operate with the extreme right.  Indeed in the 1970’s it was an open secret that some Conservative Clubs had allowed in members of the National Front.

In an earlier blog, I joked,

There’s no profit in cycle safety and people should have the right to kill themselves on the road without the ‘nanny state’ poking its nose in

Sadly, it would seem that my quip isn’t that far removed from reality.

This isn’t the first time the Tories and a fascist have walked out of the chamber arm in arm. They also did it in June in protest over a motion to condemn plans to increase the speed limit on Black friars Bridge.

So what was the official Tory excuse for their behaviour? This is from the Evening Standard

Andrew Boff, the party’s cycling spokesman, said the walk-out was over a longstanding complaint that the Tories are being unfairly denied the chance to chair assembly committees. The matter flared up today over a row over who should chair a new police committee.

Boff says,

It was nothing to do with cycling. We would have liked to have debated this but we have been left with only one method of indicating to the other groups that what they’re doing is fundamentally unjust

Absolute poppycock. Tory group leader, James Cleverly added,

Once again other parties on the Assembly have chosen to put petty party politics before properly representing the democratic view of Londoners by denying us fair and equitable chairmanship and deputy chairmanship on Assembly committees

If you ask me, it’s the dissembling Tories who are being petty.  Of course, they offered no explanation for their link with Barnbrook either. Are you surprised? No, I’m not either.

Here’s a video of them walking out.

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Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 29)

After a long break, this series is back thanks to the News International phone hacking scandal.  Even though I haven’t been able to blog much over the last couple of months, I’ve kept abreast of what our dear friend, Andrew Gilligan (aka Kennite) has been up to.

Looking at a list of his blogs, we can see that most of them are about  Ken Livingstone. Some things never change.  Gilligoon has been quick to label Livingstone as a stooge of Murdoch but it’s a desperate ploy that smacks of a deep-seated bitterness. More importantly, it’s a hatchet job on behalf of Boris Johnson in the run up to next years’ mayoral election.  Naturally, in his rush to throw a punch in Livingstone’s direction,  Gilly misses the blatantly obvious: Johnson is up to his neck in this scandal – more so than Ken.  Last week, the Guardian reported that Johnson had refused to apologise over police complicity in the scandal.

Boris Johnson has given his backing to beleaguered Met assistant commissioner John Yates, and has refused to apologise over his own previous insistence that he was “completely satisfied” with the 2009 decision not to open a fresh police investigation into what he described then as politically motivated “codswallop”.

Bojo makes light of police corruption and all Gilligoon can do is ignore it to have a swipe at Livingstone.

In today’s blog, The Gillster claims that Livingstone got “duffed up” on Newsnight. Odd, I watched the same programme and I didn’t get the feeling that Livingstone had been “duffed up”. I thought he gave a good account of himself. Sure, he wrote for the The Sun but so do many other politicians. What I noticed was Cameron’s chum, Nick Boles (a former Chief of Staff to Johnson) making a complete pillock of himself. But let’s look at the facts, two senior police officers have resigned in the space of a little under 24 hours.  Sir Paul Stephenson was Emperor Boris’s first choice for the role of Metropolitan Police Commissioner after he’d found a way to remove the previous Met chief, Sir Ian Blair. When Johnson appeared with his deputy, Kit Malthouse (looking well-fed, as usual), to answer questions about the scandal, he looked nervous and uncomfortable… as if the net was about to close in on him. Still, no mention of this from Gilly. Instead he says,

Not a single paper, not even the Guardian, has taken up Ken’s attacks – with the obvious and inevitable exception of Livingstone’s personal echo, Dave Hill. I thought the days when journalists were in powerful men’s pockets had just come to an end, Dave!

Pure bitchiness. Fact: Dave Hill is not a fan of Ken Livingstone and I think if anyone has been reading Hill’s blogs over the course of the last few years, anyone can see that. What Kennite doesn’t like is the way in which Hill outed him for serial sockpuppeting – something that he still does. He’s even popped up on this blog, claiming to be someone else. Here’s what Hill has to say about Johnson and his involvement in the scandal.

Hill also wrote this article in Saturday’s Cif section. Here’s a snippet,

That may not be a smoking gun, but it reveals a second motive for him having had a hands-off approach to the hacking affair since becoming mayor in 2008. The first is his continuing and very obvious political interest in keeping on News International’s right side as he seeks re-election next year. Only last month he joined Sebastian Coe in making a presentation to the News International board about the London Olympics. Four days later the Sun published an article by him attacking Ken Clarke’s proposals for so-called “soft justice”.

A London mayor’s relationship with the Met is constitutionally imprecise, but if he wants something done he’s in a good position to demand it. Until the last week forced his hand, Johnson has done the opposite over phone hacking. If Yates or even Stephenson end up walking the plank, it is likely to be the home secretary who shoves them out over the waves – but for Johnson the awkward questions would continue.

Livingstone is milking his discomfort. His past connections with News International have been flung at him by Johnson’s friends, but he seems happy playing the percentages: Boris is taking a much bigger hit. Meanwhile, the Tory mayor who came to power pledging to take “personal responsibility” for tackling criminality has policing woes at street level, too.

Adam Bienkov’s blog reminds us of what Bojo really thought of the phone hacking scandal. Bienkov links to an article that Johnson wrote for the Telegraph in April.

Oh come off it. This is starting to get silly. First it was the Royal family, then it was Gordon Brown and Sienna Miller. Now we are told that there are literally hundreds of people who have been bugged by the News of the World. It’s getting to the stage where it looks embarrassing for any self-respecting celebrity that they haven’t been taped or hacked or somehow illicitly probed by the gentlemen of the Screws. Across London, actors and slebs are ringing up their agents in a quivering fury.

Yeah, life is all one big joke to Emperor Boris and this is the man whom Kennite supports in his bid for a second term as London’s mayor?  Years before he was elected, Johnson wrote of “piccaninnies with watermelon smiles”.  He was forced to apologise.

Finally, Kennite never came clean about his sockpuppeting. Here’s a video titled “Andrew Gilligan – Ailing Standards”. Enjoy!

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Have I had a visit from Kennite?

It seems that I have. “Geordie Mark”, who left comments on my About page, may be another sockpuppet of Andrew Gilligan. At first I wasn’t willing to entertain the idea that Gilligoon had sockpuppeted/trolled me. It seemed a little paranoid. But opening a comment with “I had a tip from a friend of mine” is rather telling. But the fact that “Geordie Mark” chose to mention Gilligan was probably the biggest clue of all. The fact that he mentioned Yasser Arafat and Margaret Thatcher in the same sentence also makes it highly likely.  I suspect it was my leaving a comment on Adam Bienkov’s blog that alerted Gilly to my presence. “Geordie Mark” appeared on the same day that I left a comment on Adam’s blog. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Old habits die hard and Gilly is a creature of habit.

For your enjoyment, here’s another video of Gilligan in action on Press TV

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Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 27)

This just a quick one. Gilligan’s latest blog is a part rehashing of his previous blog.  You know, Ken worked for Press TV (Gilligan avoids the fact that he worked for them too), Ken’s an Islamist sympathizer, that sort of thing. To this mix, he adds a little Lutfur to spice things up and voila! Another classic concoction! He even manages to drag Barbara Windsor, Shappi Khorsandi and Esther Rantzen into it. He goes into smear overdrive at the end of the blog with this cracker,

PS A fascinating insight into Livingstone fans’ sensitivities over the extremist issue was provided the other day in a piece by Adam Bienkov, one of Ken’s online groupies, who glosses the great man’s activities in this area as “support for Islam.” It’s not Ken’s “support for Islam” that anyone serious objects to, is it? It’s his support for a particular kind of Islam.

Adam Bienkov is a “Ken  groupie”? That’s news to me.  In fact, anyone who criticizes Gilligoon’s journalism is subjected to the usual lazy, binarist smears, “If you don’t like Boris, you must be one of them” is the idea. But what is this “particular kind of Islam” that he speaks of? In Gilly’s eyes, all Islam is bad. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at his blogs over the course of last year. Gilligoon makes no distinctions at all. In fact, no one could accuse Gilly of being an online Boris groupie…could they?

One of the commenters, “paulo anonymous”, heaps praise on him

Mr. Gilligan continues to excel as this paper’s ONLY true investigative journalist.

Paulo clearly hasn’t read a great deal of investigative journalism. I suspect paulo is a sock-puppet. To be honest, I wouldn’t trust Gilligan to write a story about a village fete.  Who knows how he’d spin that?

Check out this site, it’s run by Boris groupies with material supplied by yours truly.

You can watch a video of Gilly interviewing his nemesis on Press TV. It was broadcast on 5 May 2010

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Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 25) or Stones and Glasshouses

Not long after I posted my last blog, this one appeared from Gilly.

One Labour-supporting blogger – who knows a thing or two about propaganda – has deployed the killer argument that the great man’s decision is less bad because… err… I work for Press TV.

There are, alas, some problems with this line of reasoning:

1. I am not a candidate for public office.

2. This may be the first time in history that one of Ken Livingstone’s groupies has cited me as a moral arbiter.

3. I do not work for Press TV. I gave up (apart from two one-off shows last May)  thirteen months ago – not all that long, indeed, after Ken started.  It began as a perfectly reasonable operation – and to the end, my show was always allowed to host anti-regime voices – but the channel as a whole increasingly became a government mouthpiece. Not that this has cut any ice with Ken…

Let’s take it from the top: the blogger that Gilly refers to is Adam Bienkov. Beinkov is not a Labour supporter but in Gilly’s binary world, anyone who doesn’t declare themselves as a Tory supporter is automatically assumed to be a Labour supporter. Oh, if only life were as simple and as straightforward as Gilly paints it.

Then he resorts to the classic defence of “I am not a candidate for public office”. No, you aren’t but you worked for a channel that is owned by the Iranian state; an Islamic fundamentalist state, while – at the same time – attacking Muslims, most of whom you describe as “extremists”. In fact, anyone who shows the slightest degree of tolerance or compassion towards Muslims is, in the eyes of Gilly, guilty of being “linked to Muslim extremists”. This is the typical ploy of the yellow journalist and the propagandist: smear your opponent.

He gets sanctimonious

Unlike me, Ken refuses to give up his show.

Er, which is why you left, then went back and did “a couple of shows”? How about a little honesty?

I think Ken has a shown a degree of naiveté by working for Press TV. But then, Gilligan is in no position to chuck stones when he’s living in a glass house.


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