What Is It With The BBC And The Far Right? They Can’t Help Themselves

I’ve written on this blog before about the relationship between the BBC and the far-right. This is a relationship is about as old as the corporation itself. The first manager, and then Director General of the BBC, John Reith was known to admire Hitler and Mussolini. Coincidentally, the BBC was founded in 1922, the same year that Mussolini came to power.

I came across this photo on Twitter and no, it isn’t photoshopped. This is actually Newsnight’s Evan Davis having a selfie taken with Britain First’s Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen.

We’ve been here before. Remember this from a few years ago? Nick Robinson claimed he didn’t know who she (Fransen) was.

Image result for nick robinson jayda fransen

It’s a piss-poor excuse.

The fact of the matter is that the BBC has always gone soft on the far-right, while, at the same time, denying a space to the far-left for balance. On the exceedingly rare occastions when someone from a far-left party is invited into the studios, they’re talked over, shouted down and patronised, while their far-right counterpart is given the softball treatment.

We’re constantly being told how figures like Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen aren’t far-right or fascists, but are ‘populists’. This would seem to indicate that the BBC is seeking to trivialize, even legitimize neo-fascist politics.

Davis claims he was “duped” in this article in The Daily Star from 2016.  If your job is to report on politics, then it’s incumbent upon you to know who is involved in which party.



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11 responses to “What Is It With The BBC And The Far Right? They Can’t Help Themselves

  1. You’re clutching at straws. That BF were travelling around Britain duping political commentators such as Davis and Robinson into ‘photocalls’ was widely reported (among others, in that exemplar of anti-establishment thinking, The Sun).
    In 2016 Fransen and Golding hadn’t quite attained the recognisable notoriety in which they now revel. While it’s fair to remark that political journalists ought to know who’s who, especially in relation to those on the far-right whose advocacy of intolerance, hatred and violence already has cheerleaders in the likes of Breitbart and Guido Fawkes, applying a judicious brushoff to every self-serving fascist wanker who wants a picture taken with them must be very difficult.
    Save your ire for those parts of the far-right which need to be brought to account, but don’t imagine the BBC is part of the problem; the Beeb might just be one of the last sources of credible news before we all get swallowed up by Infowars.

  2. …and following on, re your concerns about balance, in 2009 the BBC effectively subjected the BNP’s leader Nick Griffin to a show trial on Question Time. The producers, quite rightly, reasoned that the best way to neuter Griffin would be to put him on a panel of his peers and before a studio/tellyland audience of millions. Instead of his usual MO of venting vacuously racist soundbites then scuttling back under his stone until things quietened down, Griffin was forced to defend the indefensible on the hoof, no quarter given, no hiding place. Since then, happily we have seen virtually nothing of the wretched Griffin.
    It’s interesting to note that, in the aftermath of the programme, it was the far-right that was howling ‘foul!’. Seems Auntie’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t, hey?

    • There was a spike in BNP membership following that edition of Question Time, because Griffin was effectively able to play the victim.

      I think your view of the BBC is naive at best, delusional at worst.

  3. Yvonne De Carlo

    I would go as far as saying the BBC are normalising racism. They referred to Boris Johnson’s remarks concerning the burqa as a “jibe”

  4. Barry.davies2@ntlworld.com

    The idea that the beeb supports the far right is risible, just as it doesn’t support the far left, it’s producers and people like kuensberg have their ow agenda and push it to the hilt, like pro eu and anti NHS items they like so much.

    • You need remedial reading and comprehension lessons, Barry. I didn’t say the BBC “supports the far-right”; they go soft on them. Farage has been on Question Time over 30 times, while the likes of Raheem Kassem are treated like royalty by Newsnight.

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