A BBC Producer, Guido And Me

The antics of Britain’s news media in the last few weeks have been, to say the least, discomfiting and laughable in equal measure. From the production of anti-Corbyn smears to their fulsome and unquestioning support for the government’s vague position on the Skripal poisoning case, the media has shown itself incapable of critical analysis and devoid of professional curiosity. It has, instead, resorted to smearing the leader of the opposition, who advised a more cautious, even statesman-like approach. For his trouble, he was smeared by the government, the media and even some members of his own party, most notably the MP for BAe Systems, John Woodcock.

The BBC has been especially poor and has recently taken to sourcing news stories from the disreputable flak machine that’s Guido Fawkes. I wrote about the site in this article from 2012.

Last October, as I watching The Daily Politics, I’d noticed that the editorial team had sourced an item about Labour MP, Jared O’Mara, from Guido. I took to Twitter to express my disgust and disbelief.

On Monday, anticipating a smear story that was about to break, I took to Twitter again after it emerged that the BBC and other news organizations, had sourced a story from Guido.

This morning I noticed there had been a reply from someone claiming to work as a producer for Radio 4 ‘s You and Yours.

The arrogance here is astonishing.

I responded, first by telling him he was “projecting”, then I quoted his tweet, so that everyone could see what kind of people work for the BBC.

Mousley has yet to respond. But if this is how one BBC employee replies to viewers and listeners, then it’s a fair bet that this high-handed, smug attitude is consistent throughout the Corporation. If Mousley deletes the tweet, then I have a screen shot.

We expect better from our news providers, but when they produce blatant propaganda pieces and repeat smear stories sourced from sites like Guido, then they no longer deserve the trust and support of the public.


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14 responses to “A BBC Producer, Guido And Me

  1. Ed May

    “On Monday, anticipating a smear story that was about to break, I took to Twitter again after it emerged that the BBC and other news organizations, had sourced a story from Guido.”
    A bit contentious that, isn’t it?
    You state as fact something you have no way of knowing is true.
    And you don’t provide any facts.

    • Not “contentious ” at all. Have you been living on Pluto for the last 48 hours? As for “not providing any facts”, that’s absurd. The evidence is there for all to see. Deny it if you must but you’re the one who’s looking like a schmuck.

      • Ed May

        You’ll need to do better than than that.
        Which particular aspect of this saga are you talking about?
        If they are reporting the same story that doesn’t mean that one sourced it from the other and you know it.
        As agitprop it’s pretty poor but I suppose you never let the facts get in the way of your confirmation bias, do you?….

      • You’re making a fool of yourself, pal. The next reply gets deleted.

  2. Ed May

    I don’t think so and I’m not your “pal”.
    I am giving you the opportunity to stand your story up and your response is abuse and censorship.
    Why am I not surprised?

    • “Censorship”. Listen to yourself. Even newspaper sites moderate comments. You came here in bad faith. You clearly think the BBC produced the Jewdas story with its own hand. It did not. You can be as surprised as you like, pal.

  3. John Bellinger

    What an absolute load of bollocks!

  4. Julian

    I see, you have stirred up a few trolls from the undergrowth. Always a sign of success, don’t you think Mr BHell?

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