Where’s The Outrage?

We keep hearing from the corrupt Tory press and assorted right-wing halfwits of how Labour is “riddled with anti-Semites”, but where is the outrage over this piece of dog-whistle anti-Semitism from the self-styled ‘Prof’ Godfrey Bloom? The silence is, er, deafening.

I’ve taken a screenshot in case he deletes this tweet.

What’s interesting is how @GnasherJew and his creepy Twitter friends have said the sum total of fuck all about this.

Bloom is already well known for his racist and sexist outbursts. But if you’re expecting him to face the wrath of the self-appointed guardians of the Internet, you could be waiting a long time.



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3 responses to “Where’s The Outrage?

  1. The comment was about Goldman sachs attempts to stop brexit I believe, I don’t see any reason to mention anyones religious ideas just point out the banks caused the crash in 2005 and that we bailed them out now they are just feathering their own nest and ignoring the needs of those who came to their aid.

    • Bullshit. Like a lot of people, you think Jews are just a religious group. Jews are an ethnic group and not all Jews are religious. Try reading a book some time. But it’s typical of you to ignore the obvious dog-whistle anti-Semitism. Are you an anti-Semite, Barry?

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