Oh, What A Night!

I went to bed at 4am this morning and woke up about four hours later. When I went to bed, it was clear that there was going to be a hung parliament. May gambled her government and her reputation (such as it is) and lost. Labour, on the other hand, did much better than expected. But just imagine what could have happened if the Blairites and the PLP plotters hadn’t spent so much time attacking their leader and membership, and had got fully behind Jeremy Corbyn. We could have been looking at a different scenario, one in which Labour won a decent majority.

As I type this, the Tories have 318 seats, which is well short of an outright majority. The Tories are also reported to be talking to the Democratic Unionist Party to come to some kind of arrangement. It is unlikely that the DUP will form a coalition with the Tories. However, the thought of the deeply reactionary DUP aligning themselves with the Tories isn’t a pleasant prospect. That said, such a government is unlikely to last more than 12 months without collapsing. Another General Election could be called as early as October.

Labour lost no seats and gained at the expense of the Tories and UKIP. They won Ipswich from Ben Gummer and took Canterbury from Julian Brazier. Canterbury was a formerly safe seat that had been in Tory hands since 1918. That’s quite an achievement.  This morning all the naysayers and plotters are wiping a great deal of egg off their faces. Speaking of egg (or things that rhyme with egg), Nick Clegg, the former Deputy PM lost his Sheffield Hallam seat to Labour.

As I write this, the BBC’s pundits are in a spin. All their predictions of how Labour would suffer its heaviest loss since 1983 have been dashed. I knew this election was nothing like 1983 because the situation is  vastly different. and the media’s hacks are still stuck in the 1980s.  Now, after all these weeks, they’re talking about February 1974 and Heath’s disastrous gamble, which in some ways, is similar to May’s decision to call a snap election. I could have told them that. Indeed, I told The Guardian’s Michael White the same thing. He scoffed. I wonder what he’s saying this morning?

Other losers in this election are The S*n, the Daily Heil and The Daily Abscess, who spent a great deal of time and effort trying to undermine the democratic process. They must be held to account. We can no longer tolerate a newspaper industry that prints lies, distortions and smears. The BBC also needs to change. For the last several months they, like the rest of the media, have told us that the Tories would win “a landslide” and suggested, in not so many words, that there was no point in voting. How wrong they were.

UPDATE 9 June, 2017 @ 1248

UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, has resigned.

Labour is poised to take Kensington. Yes, you read that correctly. Kensington.



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5 responses to “Oh, What A Night!

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  2. Jim Round

    Things will get interesting, there is no doubt about that.
    What concerns me is that despite a truly awful Tory campaign they still managed to not only get an increased vote share (no doubt hoovered up from UKIP’s collapse)
    This concerns because if The Tories had a good campaign, they could have their majority.
    Another concern was the turnout, yes, it was up on 2015, but not as much as I hoped (but I really doubted it would get above 70%)
    The EU referendum had a higher turnout.
    When you consider all those affected by Tory policies and austerity, the disabled, workers who have had little or no payrise, nurses, police, junior doctors etc…
    The turnout should have been much higher.
    I also wonder if another Labour leader with the same manifesto as Corbyn but without the unfounded smears would have picked up more votes for Labour.

    • “I also wonder if another Labour leader with the same manifesto as Corbyn but without the unfounded smears would have picked up more votes for Labour”.

      No. Labour reduced the majorities of many prominent Tories and took seats from others. Another general election will prove disastrous for the Tories. If, by “another Labour leader”, you mean a Blairite or someone from the flaccid left, then they would have neither the personality nor the nous to write a manifesto like the one produced by Corbyn and his team. Why? Because they lack the courage.

  3. Jim Round

    No, I definitely don’t mean a Blairite, I mean someone who has the same principles and policies as Corbyn but without the “terrorist sympathiser” smears (yes, we both know they were false but also as we know, many people believe the MSM)
    Leaving the EU was a factor in the election, how many people knew that it would actually be Keir Starmer who would be negotiating?
    As I stated, there are still many concerns.
    If there is another GE, I doubt May will be around, and again, if The Tories can still get more seats than Labour on the back of the disastrous last seven years along with a terrible campaign then there is much more work to be done by Labour to get the required fifty plus seats.

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