The Richmond Park By-Election

The Richmond Park By-Election was called when billionaire playboy and Tory MP, Zac Goldsmith resigned in protest over the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport. He is supposedly standing as an Independent. The Cat has his doubts on that score. He is tipped to win.

One thing is certain, unless something truly extraordinary happens, Christian Wolmar, the Labour candidate, is likely to lose.

Another certainty is that within minutes of the result, the Blairites/Progressites/Blue Labourites will blame Jeremy Corbyn for the defeat. You can put money on that one.

The thing is, Richmond Park isn’t natural Labour territory and the right-wing of the party knows this full well.

The Lib Dems’s Susan Kramer held the seat until being ousted in 2010. They may do well. Who knows?




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2 responses to “The Richmond Park By-Election

  1. I think Zac might win it as he is standing in opposition to the heathrow expansion

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