A Typical Conversation Between An Ordinary Citizen And A Labour Right-Winger

Scene: an indoor gathering at which the local Labour MP, a professional politician and former public relations executive is present. An Ordinary Citizen has just asked the MP a question to which comes the following pat reply.

Labour right-winger [smugly]: We have to be a credible party of government.

Ordinary Citizen: But you’re not in government. You’re the official opposition.

Labour right-winger: Yes, but we need to be a credible opposition.

Ordinary Citizen: Make up your mind, I thought you said you had to be a credible party of government.

Labour right-winger [indignantly]: Stop harassing me.

Ordinary Citizen [puzzled expression]: Huh? I’m not harassing you.

Labour right-winger [feigned vexation]: Did you just threaten to kill me? I’m phoning the police!

Ordinary Citizen [rolls eyes and sighs]: I’m going for a pint. Have a nice day.

Labour right-winger: Now you’re threatening my family!

Ordinary Citizen walks off to the sound of the Labour right-winger ranting about ‘Trots’, ‘Militant’ and ‘entryists’. 



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3 responses to “A Typical Conversation Between An Ordinary Citizen And A Labour Right-Winger

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  2. Dear Buddy, Are the Left Future Artists still having crisis cabaret? I think that you would like the LSE Resist Festival. Here’s the programme: http://www.lse.ac.uk/sociology/events/PDF/Resist-Fest-Zine2.pdf There’s an event about art & humour in housing activism. And I think you should be on the ‘Sounds of Resistance Gig Night’ on Thur 29 Sept 8pm. Also come to hear ASH at the soapbox debate in the LSE courtyard on Thur 29 Sept 1pm accuse their academics, who produced the LSE report on estate regeneration, of being in the pockets of developers.

    • Hi,
      Sadly it’s on hiatus as I’ve been busy finishing my PhD thesis. It’s a shame that I wasn’t given more of a warning, otherwise I could have organised something. I also have to work in Ealing tomorrow until 7.30pm. So even if I wanted to come, I’d be completely knackered physically and in terms of time. Next year maybe?

      I hope it goes well. Please bear me in mind for any future events.

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