Democracy’s A Bitch

Democracy’s a bitch. That’s what the Labour Party’s right-wing is currently getting to grips with. Having changed the rules to elect a new leader, the Blairite postmodernists are now crying foul because Jeremy ‘Juggernaut’ Corbyn’s campaign is leaving the rest of the field in the dust.

The rules were changed, mainly because of pressure from the Tories and their media allies to end the Labour Party’s relationship with the unions,  and when the Tory press says “jump”, the Labour leadership not only asks “how high”, it adds “can I kiss your boots too, sir”?

So far this leadership election has reminded us of the following:

  1. The Westminster elites are contemptuous of democracy and the people they’re elected (or appointed) to serve. John Mann’s call for Harriet Harman to suspend the leadership election is the latest example. Mann is a right-winger who once worked for the right-wing Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union led by the right-wing Ken Jackson. Need I say more?
  2. The last thing the Tory government wants is a strong opposition. It prefers a weak or non-existent opposition, such as that under the current leadership. You can have any opposition party you like as long as it’s right-wing party posing as a centrist party. Even Francoist Spain had token opposition parties that lent a democratic veneer to the authoritarian regime.
  3. The lack of tolerance on the part of the neoliberal consensus (Labour-Tory-Lib Dem-UKIP) for dissenting points of view
  4. There’s a preference on the part of the Tories, the Labour right and their media allies for a revisionist take on history, which has been coupled with a morbid obsession with selectivized moments from the past. For example, the claim that a Corbyn leadership would be just like Michael Foot’s leadership of the party in 1983, and the constant referencing of “the longest suicide note in history”. It is interesting, though not surprising, that the Labour right and the Tories both do this. Neither party is fresh and each copies the other in the hope that no one will notice.
  5. Soundbite politics and presentationalism are no longer viable. Voters pay attention to someone that has a message and speaks with conviction and passion. Many people, especially those who have never really engaged with politics, are starting to see through the superficial crap from Labour and the Conservatives.
  6. According to the mainstream media, the Labour leadership, and the Tory government, anyone who opposes austerity, cuts to public services, wage freezes, the selling off the NHS, fracking, neoliberalism and corruption in public office (Hello, Dave) is an “extreme left-winger”. This term was once used to refer to real left-wingers rather than liberals, social democrats and the unaligned. It’s yet another reminder of how far to the right public discourse has been pushed over the last 35+ years.

Politics is too important to leave to career politicians. Take politics back from Westminster!


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8 responses to “Democracy’s A Bitch

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  2. Paul Browning

    I haven’t been a Labour voter since Bliar, and certainly wouldn’t join up just to cast a leadership vote, but I can’t help feeling that anyone the vested interests are so determined to stop must be worth considering.

    If you want to win back ex-Labour voters like me, elect Corbyn. You won’t get my vote back by trying to out-tory the tories.

    • Blair certainly cut the heart out of the party when he railroaded members into voting for the abolition of Clause 4. After he cut out the party’s heart, he went for its soul.

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  4. “The lack of tolerance on the part of the neoliberal consensus”


    I’ve got no tolerance at all for people who are anti-fracking but happy to enjoy the benefits in a 50% drop in oil price …anymore than for the CND morons who when you scratch the service are just anti-nuclear luddites who live in a dream world where the world’s energy needs can be met by renewables alone … or for lunatic economic policies like just printing money which is really just anit-capitalist dogma rather than rational literate economics. In my view economics is fairly simple, you don’t have to be too bright to understand it and anyone left or right who even says the word “neoliberalism” is a div.

  5. greggwh

    The UK is more like the US than I thought. If Thatcher was alive and mentally lucid she would undoubtedly be delighted. Wasn’t it one of her goals?

  6. “The lack of tolerance on the part of the neoliberal consensus (Labour-Tory-Lib Dem-UKIP) for dissenting points of view”

    Out of curiosity who does that leave who’s tolerant?

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