What’s The Crack With Edward Leigh?

Edward Leigh, he of bright red face and hardline right-wing views, is an implacable opponent of equal (gay) marriage and opposed lowering the age of consent for gay males. Leigh is a Thatcherite to the core of his being and served as correspondence secretary to Th*thcer while she was leader of the opposition. In the Commons, he often speaks on matters of security. Like Julian Lewis, it would seem that he has no other interests apart from getting moist at the thought of nuclear weapons systems.

Leigh has been in the Commons since 1983 when he represented the seat of Gainsborough and Horncastle. Since 1997, he’s represented Gainsborough. He comes from landed gentry and is often referred to as “the viscount”. Leigh was knighted in 2013 for “public and political service”. When Th*tcher resigned in 1990, he and disgraced MP, Michael Brown tried to convince her to continue. They were both reported to have had tears in their eyes as they left Downing Street and returned to the Commons. Oddly, Brown was later outed as gay after the Cash for Questions scandal. Leigh is apparently opposed to gays.

When John Major won the 1992 General Election, Leigh was given a role in the Department for Trade and Industry but he was soon sacked for being one of the “bastards”, who opposed the Maastrict Treaty.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this article in Pink News that claimed Leigh had met with a businessman, Duncan Breeze, who was convicted for the possession of indecent images of children in 2007. The original article, which appeared in the Sunday Mirror in November 2014, describes Breeze as a “consultant”.

Sir Edward Leigh, 64, hosted lunches inside Westminster for a businessman released from jail for making thousands of “sickening” images of children.

Consultant Duncan Breeze, 39, was entertained by Sir Edward, as recently as a few months ago.

Yesterday the veteran MP defended their relationship, insisting: “He has served his time. I believe in redemption.”

It’s ironic that Leigh should claim that he “believes in redemption” when he has called for tougher sentences in the past. It would appear that his call for toughness is selective, especially where his pals are concerned.

Breeze is described as a “lawyer turned panto actor” on this BBC page. The word ‘consultant’ can cover a number of activities. But what is he? A consultant, a pantomime actor or a businessman?

Jailing him, Judge Geoffrey Breen said: “Some of the images are particularly disgusting and sickening and it is not difficult to imagine the distress caused to the children in them.

“If it were not for people like you there would be no market for material of this kind.

“There is no doubt that you have achieved a great deal and that you are very talented and hard working.

“But it is difficult to see how you will ever be able to resume work in the entertainment industry.”

What’s so odd about this story is how quiet it went afterwards. It’s almost as if someone somewhere was trying to cover things up. Surely not?



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9 responses to “What’s The Crack With Edward Leigh?

  1. The Infamous Culex

    Do you suppose the growing sense of unease about the child abusers in the establishment will not burst into an open scandal in the next five years?

    • They’ll do all they can to keep a lid on it, that’s for sure. They may claim in public that they want justice, but in private they will find ways to obstruct the process. The appointment and subsequent resignation of two judges (Butler-Sloss and Woolf) is testament to that.

  2. I have a dreadful, dreadful feeling that he’s related to me somewhere along the line. He more than shames the name of Leigh. Grotesque is an understatement.

  3. The Infamous Culex

    How well does (or did) “Sir” Edward know Harvey “Spanker” Proctor?

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