Some Thoughts About The Future of Esther McVey

To be honest, I try not to think about Esther McVey, the television host turned Tory minister-cum-tormentor of the poor and disabled. It’s enough to give me nightmares. However, things aren’t going her way in West Wirral and if the polls can be trusted, she’ll be out on her ear next week.

So what lies ahead for McVey if the voters kick her out? Well, for starters, she could be ‘kicked upstairs’ and become ‘Baroness McVey of Somewhere Or Other’. On the other hand, she may do what IDS did when he lost his job as Tory leader and don sackcloth and ashes, and claim she’s doing her penance (like IDS, she’s a Catholic). Readers may recall IDS visited housing estates during his penitent period. He claimed to ‘understand’ the poor,  while posing for photographers outside a block of flats before quickly scuttling off in his limo. He also set up a think-tank, the ironically-named, Centre for Social Justice. Could McVey also set up a think-tank? I doubt it. She likes the cameras too much.

McVey could return to television as a talking head, appearing as a guest on programmes like Countdown  and The One Show as Gyles Brandreth has done. I can see her taking over from Dominic ‘Man of the People’ Littlewood as the host of Saints and Scroungers. Then again, she may opt for a daytime confessional show. Think of the Jeremy Kyle Show but with less sympathy. If that’s possible.

Unlike the millions she punished for being poor and disabled, at least McVey has a future. It’s just a shame that future isn’t in prison.



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9 responses to “Some Thoughts About The Future of Esther McVey

  1. Wirral In It Together

    Cameron saw this coming. So she’s been made a member of the Privy Council with a job for life. When you’re in at the top, abusing power, it’s very easy to box off your favourites. And Cameron has addressed McVey’s sense of entitlement with this plumb job advising royalty.

    She’s probably there for good. Others who lost this job had to either fiddle their expenses (McShane) or commit a crime (Huhne) to depart their posts.

    This callous fiend just has to keep her nose clean and fawn, fawn, fawn to stay in favour – which will come naturally, that’s for sure.

  2. beastrabban

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    These are some musings by the Cat on how Esther McVile, the Wicked Witch of the Wirral, may try and salvage some kind of political career for herself. Or, failing that, go back to television, possibly as even nastier version of Jeremy Kyle.

    The most unjust thing about this is that she does have a possible future career. This is more than she granted her victims, the many hundreds of thousands of disabled people, who have been forced through hoops to show they cannot work, and then been thrown off benefit anyway, so that McVile and her boss, Iain Duncan Smith, or, to use his army monicker, ‘RTU’ or ‘Tosser’, can boast to their big business paymasters how they’ve reduced the numbers of welfare claimants. Which they’ve achieved by killing a large number.

    One of the commenters on this piece, Wirral In It Together, notes that she’s been made a member of the Privy Council. I share the Cat’s feelings that it’s a pity she isn’t going to jail.

  3. stilloaks

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    On the way out the door, McVile is also entitled to up to £53,950 for office “winding up” costs and a resettlement payment of up to £33,500.

  4. They should all be made accountable,There needs to be an act of parliament that can retrospectively punish as criminals these hounders of the disabled who have caused much suffering and thousands of deaths unecessary deaths come to that.Scameron lying that he will curb EU immigration well he can’t possiby the self amending Lisbon treaty sees to that.These horrible liars are depending on vast swathes of the public not being politically literate and they are pandered to by the BBC and others in media whom should be made to apologise for backing lies and dammed lies that they push knowing they are being falsely opined.It’s disgusting.Lawrence lol

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