Isn’t It Time International Observers Oversaw Our Elections?

While Lutfur Rahman’s enemies cheered at the High Court ruling that barred him from office for electoral fraud and the arcane charge of ‘spiritual influence’, two stories of possible electoral malfeasance appeared in the last few days.

The first was an apparent printing error that omitted the names of the Labour and Green Parties but included a candidate who claims to represent the long-defunct Social Democratic Party.

The BBC reports:

More than 480 postal ballot papers have been sent out without the names of the Green and Labour Party candidates.

Labour’s Karl Turner and the Green Party’s Sarah Walpole were not on the list for the Hull East constituency.

In a separate story, 200,000 ballot papers mysteriously vanished en route to the Hastings and Rye constituency.

The Independent reports:

More than 200,000 ballot papers have gone missing after a van containing them was stolen by thieves ahead of next week’s election.

72,300 of the blank election ballot papers were intended for the Hastings and Rye constituency in East Sussex, while the remaining 130,000 were headed to Eastbourne.

Officers investigating the theft, which took place overnight, said they found nothing to suggest the white Mercedes van was targeted for its contents.

We often think electoral fraud and vote-rigging only happens in so-called Third World countries. If it happened in the United States in 2000 and 2004, then it can happen here.

Isn’t it time international observers came and oversaw our elections?



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4 responses to “Isn’t It Time International Observers Oversaw Our Elections?

  1. greggwh

    If vote fraud is happening in more than a few cases yes, but the UK won’t have it for the same reason the US, which needs it very, very, very badly, won’t, national pride with more than a little chauvinism and of course the unadmitted self-interest of certain groups mixed in.

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