The Cat’s Post-Election Demands

Whoever wins on May 7, we will have to take to the streets and demand fundamental changes to how this country is run. There must be no let up. After the last election in 2010, people marched to demand fair voting. Sadly, the momentum was lost on the first day, when marchers went home after listening to Nick Clegg’s impromptu speech on the steps of Lib Dem HQ. They believed his warm words, but I didn’t. The Lib Dems are flim-flam artists, who will do anything to grab power. The march itself was overwhelmingly bourgeois. I wrote about the short-lived Take Back Parliament movement here.

Here are The Cat’s key demands.

  1. A proportional voting system based on either the mixed members proportional system (in Scotland) or the single transferable vote (in Ireland)
  2. The abolition of the House of Lords
  3. The abolition of the monarchy and, by extension, an end to the Union
  4. A new constitutional settlement for the nations of these islands that is equitable to all
  5. An end to landlordism
  6. Rent controls for private and Housing Association tenants
  7. End Right to Buy
  8. Renationalize the railways
  9. Nationalize the banks
  10. Build more social housing
  11. End the influence of the City of London over our legislature
  12. Regional assemblies for England
  13. The creation of a federal republic

Feel free to add your points to the list.


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5 responses to “The Cat’s Post-Election Demands

  1. I might add nationalizing water and power supplies, but would leave nothing out.

  2. Dave.

    Scrap the military; ban the production of weapons, ammunition etc. and destroy all existing stocks; de-arm the cops (including tasers); free cheese for all.

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