Oil and gas found off The Falklands

British Forces News (BFN) claims that drilling companies have discovered oil off the coast of the Falkland Islands. Thus far, The Daily Telegraph is the only other news outlet that has this story and it seems a little odd that not even the BBC has mentioned it.

BFN reports:

Falkland Oil and Gas Ltd and Premier Oil Plc say the discovery at the Zebedee well was better than initially expected. The well will now however be plugged and temporarily abandoned.

So what’s going on? Why are they plugging the well? Don’t get me wrong, but I think oil should stay in the ground where it belongs. But why keep this quiet?



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5 responses to “Oil and gas found off The Falklands

  1. Hardly news is it after all that is the real reason that Argentina want the falklands and why they attacked back in the 80’s

  2. beastrabban

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    As Barry Davies says, this isn’t really news, as the supposed oil reserves around the Falklands were the reason for the War in the 1980s. As for keeping it quiet, it’s possible to make a few, educated guesses.

    Firstly, the Falklands War was sold to the British public as Maggie defending Britain’s people against foreign aggression, and particularly that of nasty Hispanic Fascists. It’s hugely ironic and hypocritical, as Maggie admired Pinochet, the very nasty Fascist dictator of Chile. Releasing news that oil and gas have been found in the Falklands might cause some to question the real motives for fighting the War. Was it really about defending a British colony, or about making money for multinationals?

    This question has become particularly acute after Gulf Wars I and II. Both were really about oil, despite the spin about defending freedom from evil tyrants and giving democracy to the people of Iraq. Aramco and the other oil companies wanted the Iraq oil reserves, which are the biggest after Saudi Arabia. And Western multinationals wanted to get their hands on Iraqi nationalised industries. And then there was the Neo-Cons, who saw it as an opportunity to establish their low-tax, free trade, no import duty utopia.

    In Gulf War I this resulted in protestors chanting ‘Gosh, no, we won’t go! We won’t die for Texaco!’ My guess, and it is only a guess, is that they don’t want that spectre now. At least, not so close to a general election.

    • Indeed, the Falklanders were ignored by the FCO before the task force sailed for the islands. No one in this country (aside from avid map readers like me) could point to the archipelago on the globe. Once the war was over, it was a different story.

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