96 Years Ago Today: Rosa Luxemburg was murdered in Berlin

I had to reblog this. Rosa Luxemburg was murdered 96 years ago today. Lest we forget.


1907 or 1908 maybe- rosa luxemburg- rls

96 years ago today, on 15 January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg was detained, interrogated and murdered by right-wing soldiers under the command of socialist Defence Minister Gustav Noske. Today she is remembered around the world for her life and ideas.

Born in Russian-Poland in a middle-class Jewish family in 1873, Rosa Luxemburg emigrated to Switzerland after completing High School and enrolled at Zurich University. Whilst still a student she co-founded the Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland (SDKP, later SDKPiL), with Leo Jogiches, Adolf Warszawski and Julian Marchlewski, before being awarded a doctorate in 1897.

The following year, she moved to Berlin and joined the German Social-Democratic Party (SPD), then the largest and most powerful socialist organisation in the world. She rose to prominence on the left-wing of the SPD as a firebrand speaker, journalist and theoretician, writing works on economics, nationalism, imperialism, war, socialism and democracy.

Luxemburg taught at…

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2 responses to “96 Years Ago Today: Rosa Luxemburg was murdered in Berlin

  1. greggwh

    While as a social democrat my views like Eduard Bernstein’s would have been condemned by her, Rosa Luxembourg’s murder and the failure to bring her killers to justice was a disgrace to the Ebert administration, along with its willingness to employ the extreme right Freikorps (I’ve said elsewhere that the US Tea Party movement is its modern non-violent American equivalent) to crush the radical socialist movement in the Weimar Republic.

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