Jim Murphy? You Must Be Joking!

This is Jim Murphy

So the Scottish Labour Party has elected arch-Blairite and Friend of Israel, Jim Murphy, as their leader. I thought they wanted to win the next General Election, not lose it. Murphy will only drag the party further to the right.

This is a neap

Then there’s the issue of his Westminster seat. Will he resign and force a by-election or will he hang on to it and his expense account for dear life? Well, let’s put it this way, there’s no way he can be effective as leader of the Scottish Labour Party when he doesn’t have a seat in Holyrood. There’s no guarantee that he’ll win a seat even if and when he stands. What happens then?

The former leader of Scottish Labour, the dismal Johann Lamont, complained that the party was nothing more than a branch office for the UK Labour Party at Westminster. Nothing has changed on that score.

Nice one, Labour. You’ve shot yourself in the foot again.


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5 responses to “Jim Murphy? You Must Be Joking!

  1. sylvanmoonscape

    I laughed when I heard last night that he claims he will lead Scottish Labour “from the left” and that he is a “socialist”.

  2. Joan Edington

    I believe he is going to stand for Motherwell and Wishaw, probably the safest Labour seat in the country. Ed’s that feart of him losing.

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