Farage: Britain Should Never Have Signed Armistice, and War Should Have Gone on for Another Six Weeks

I think many of us know that Farage is a dangerous idiot. A couple of days ago, he turned his tiny mind to the issue of World War I and claimed that Britain should never have signed the Armistice and continued the war for another six weeks. The Beast takes him down in this excellent blog.

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While the rest of the UK on Tuesday was remembering the dead of the Great War, Nigel Farage was giving a speech stating his opinion that it should have gone on for longer. Even if this meant that a further 100,000 lives were lost. Farage made this bizarre and offensive claim speaking at the annual Tom Olsen lecture at St Bride’s Church.

His comments have been reported by a number of news agencies, including the MSN news. The anti-racist organisation, Hope Not Hate has an article on it, Armistice was the biggest mistake of the 20th century claims Nigel Farage, at http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/ukip/armistice-was-the-biggest-mistake-of-the-20th-century-claims-nigel-farage-4120.

Hope Not Hate quote Farage as saying, “I believe we should have continued with the advance We should have pursued the war for a further six weeks, and gone for an unconditional surrender. Yes the last six weeks of the war cost us 100,000 casualties, and I’m…

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3 responses to “Farage: Britain Should Never Have Signed Armistice, and War Should Have Gone on for Another Six Weeks

  1. David Morton

    He may be right. This view was also held by Pershing and others in 1918. Had we pressed for unconditional surrender instead of an armistice we would have avoided the myth that the German army was unbeaten – and might even have avoided the political and social climate which led to WW2.

  2. beastrabban

    Thanks for the reblog and appreciation, Mr. Cat.

  3. greggwh

    Yeah, the Germans got such a sweet deal for surrendering. What an ignorant ass.

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