Tory MPs turn crackpot and adopt crackpot BNP policy on English Parliament

Good blog from Pride’s Purge. I was talking about the English Parliament idea last week and noted that it’s only the right and the far-right that have called for it. English nationalists are almost always ethnic nationalists and lament the loss of Empire. This reveals something about the nature of the Union itself: it was formed through a combination of coercion and bribery. The English also regarded themselves as superior to the other nations and this is reflected in the jokes told about those nations. The Irish (or paddy) joke for example, depicts the Irish as thick and stupid. The joke, itself, therefore acted as a means of subjugation. Then consider the years of occupation and the eventual partitioning of Ireland with the support of the Unionists and Loyalists, who threatened all out war if Ireland wasn’t partitioned along their lines. Any devolution in England needs to happen along regional lines. They could, for example, restore the metropolitan counties that Thatcher abolished in 1986 because of their opposition to her autocratic leadership. However, before any new system comes into being, the old must be swept away in its entirety. That means abolishing the monarchy.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

The biggest supporters of an English parliament used to be the far-right skinheads of the neo-nazi British National Party and the equally crackpot English Democrats.

Here’s a quote taken from a BNP leaflet called ‘The Need For An English Parliament‘:

"Our party believes that England 
should have its own Parliament. This 
straightforward constitutional policy 
motion was debated and passed by a 
substantial majority at the BNP's 
Annual Conference in Blackpool last 

And here’s how crackpot the English Democrats are:

Could this be the worst party political broadcast ever?

But now some Tories – such as Tory MP Graham Brady – are openly calling for exactly the same policy as the BNP and the English Democrats.

Brady’s no outcast. He’s chair of the powerful Tory 1922 Committee. And Cameron has invited Brady to Chequers to discuss the idea of an English parliament with him tomorrow.

Not long ago…

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