Community responses to child sexual exploitation Pt4 – Addressing the cultural issues

I’ve written about this issue before and was considering another blog about it. Whatever happened in Rotherham isn’t confined to men of Pakistani origin, it’s a male problem. It’s an issue of patriarchy. This includes the objectification of women and the sexualization of children – especially girls- by right-wing tabloids like The Daily Mail. I have spent weeks trying to get this point across to people who ought to know better but who persist in taking the media’s word as the undiluted truth. Then there are the boys who are groomed by sadistic pederasts who are being forgotten in all of this. The far-right in particular believe that the raping of girls by grown men is much worse than when it happens to boys. It isn’t and both are as bad as the other.


This is the last of four blogposts about what I think are the main ways in which communities can help prevent child sexual exploitation. These are:

– helping the children to be less vulnerable
– making the perpetrators more visible
– providing support and challenge to the professional bodies tasked with protection functions
– addressing cultural issues that help to sustain abusers and minimise abuse

I’ve covered the first three bullet points in the first three posts. Here they are:

This post, then, picks up what I’m calling “cultural issues”.

When you read the title of the blogpost, did you think I would be writing about race? Ethnicity? Religion? Quite often when people talk about a “cultural issue” they are trying to imply the culture of those “other” people who are different from “us”, usually for reasons of race, ethnicity or religion. That’s not want I want…

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