The LM Network and Operation Yewtree (or Won’t Someone Think of the Abusers?)

Since the government’s announcement last week that there was to be an over-arching inquiry into child sex abuse at the highest levels of British politics, it was only inevitable that the LM Network would be out in force to cry foul and muddy the waters a little. In the last few days, Frank Furedi and Claire Fox have been conducting a tour of national television and radio studios to offer their rather suspect take on the matter. Within the space of hours, Furedi and Fox have both attempted to claim that the latest call for inquiry will lead to a “fear of adults” and that parents will be too afraid to let their children play outdoors for fear of being kidnapped and/or molested. This is not the issue and they know it. The majority of the abused children did not come from stable homes, nor were they kidnapped while playing on the swings in the local park. Many were in care homes and others were students at boarding schools. This point has been consistently sidestepped by LM in order to advance the claim that ‘freedoms’ are being compromised or eroded. It’s a classic appeal to emotion.

On Monday, Furedi and Fox’s fellow LMer, Brendan O’Neill, was quick out of the traps with this piece of drivel.

For around 30 years now, Britain has been in the grip of a paedophile panic.

You know where this is going and predictably enough.

There has been no break from the paedophile panic over the past three decades. Even when certain forms of the panic are exposed as baseless, as completely hollow, the underlying urge behind the panic, the moralism that is its fuel, simply moves on to another terrain, adopting a new language and a new focus to keep the concern with evil child abusers alive.

O’Neill continues:

Yewtree has institutionalised the 30-year-long paedophile panic, elevating it from an ever-present but sometimes ill-formed thing into an actual institution, a key part of British political, social and moral life, a constant provider of yet more horror stories, claims and rumours about wicked behaviour. And when (if) Yewtree is wrapped up? It will be replaced by something else. There are already demands for an extensive ‘Hillsborough-style inquiry’ into the rumours of a paedo ring in Westminster, the paedo obsessives clearly already looking for their next outlet, the next moral terrain on which they might keep alive their panic and spread more fear about the demonic dangers surrounding children in every town, village and hamlet in Britain.

Nowhere in O’Neill’s article is there even a modicum of sympathy for the victims. It’s all about him and his libertarian friends and how the investigation/inquiry will limit their ‘freedom’. That reminds me, the comments thread is particularly vile. Take this comment from which I shall quote a portion.

Yes, Rolf Harris’s conviction and absurd six year sentence today is a travesty of justice: a show trial of man-hating ideology.

This is just a sample of what passes for libertarian-style analysis. Demands for justice for the murdered and the abused children are dismissed as part of some “man-hating ideology”. It’s at times like this that some right-wing libertarians reveal, not only the limits of their thinking, but their real thoughts about women and children, who they believe exist solely for the pleasure of men.

In February, The Grand Furedi contributed this article to Spiked. He complains that Operation Yewtree is “more propaganda than policing”. He rationalizes Yewtree thus:

Operation Yewtree was different: it was not designed to solve reported crimes. Its principal aim, rather, is to construct crimes through soliciting allegations of sexual abuse committed decades and decades ago.

Children were killed and many more have been scarred for life, but all Furedi and his gang can do is complain that any attempt to get justice for the victims (a word he rejects) is an affront to his notion of ‘liberty’.

Here’s The Grand Furedi on Monday’s edition of Newsnight. Count the number of times he refers to children’s homes.

Not once. Cristina Odone, who often makes little sense, actually talks more sense than Furedi!

The LM network has always had questionable ideas on pederasty.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the LM Network wants no restrictions on Internet pornography. This includes child pornography.

What LM and their libertarian friends conveniently ignore is the impact that their ‘freedom’ will have on the freedoms of others. Theirs is nothing less than a rationalization of selfishness. The right of children to be free from exploitation and abuse is of little or no interest to them.



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6 responses to “The LM Network and Operation Yewtree (or Won’t Someone Think of the Abusers?)

  1. beastrabban

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    The Cat here analyses and critiques the activities of the Frank Furedi and the rest of the LM Network in trying to combat public concern over paedophiles. This is important, as Furedi and his comrades are part of the Libertarian Right, who manage to get themselves onto panel shows, speak at literary festivals and broadcast their brand of Right libertarianism on TV, radio and the press. One of them, Clare Fox, or Foster, is a regular on Radio 4’s Moral Maze. The Cat here describes how they are resolutely opposed to operation Yewtree and any investigation of the actions over decades of the horrific abuse of children. This is the Libertarian Right attacking the prosecution of some of the worst criminals in our society, on the grounds that its part of a media scare.

  2. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:

  3. Thank you for highlighting the disgusting spiked online crap last . Brendan O Bollocks and his chums Anna Raccoon and the justice for jimmy saville including maggie jervis who was a friend to convicted paedophile peter righton and anna raccoon aka susanne nundy friend of hired gun david rose who discredited the jersey enquiry and i see a big fan of raccoon is convicted paedo Tom O Carrol the PIE paedophile and Christine Odone who was a friend to harry peter coen from their catholic herald days and telegraph of which david thornton coens partner wrote for capital gay and guest at elm guest house where vips abused boys

  4. The raccoonies are not just paedo apologists its possible they are supporters too , i noticed that a ” proud paedo girl lover with the pink heart within heart” avatar is on the twitter list of racoon gang , moor larkin the delusional loon even tried the old False Memory Syndrome” ploy how lame when it was totally discredited ages ago and also tried to support Graham Ovenden the artist as being innocent even when it was discovered that Ovenden and his publisher had subscribed to a known paedophile publication thus admitting he was a paedophile,,
    Such idiots or they take us for idiots

  5. We once had to accept that Jimmy Saville was a bit eccentric and funny, even in the late 1960’s and the early 1970;s stories circulated about his activities and many seen him as rather creepy character. He once stopped my uncle and asked him the way the nearest RC church,, was he going to get is sins absolved? A friend of mine now deceased, told a story about Saville thrusting his tongue down her unwilling throat and rubbing his hands on her breasts. When she told her friends, they thought she was telling porkies. The sad fact of this when she told her family thought she was making the story up. Only now years after death do we discover it was probably true.
    Sad that some in the media, seem to spend their time trying to prove that Saville was not the evil sicko which many personally have had experience of his wandering hands etc. What is interesting of late is how many people are popping up on the internet and the media defending the indefensible in many cases. Why attack a dead man? For the simple reason in life the laws in this country protect the rich and powerful and libel laws are nothing more than censorship laws protecting the rich and powerful.
    Do we have to wait till people are dead before they can be exposed for their criminal activities or wait 30-50 years before the state admits that there was a number of paedophile rings connected to Westminster. but the names will be withheld as to protect their families.

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