Food bank blow is new low for the Mail on Sunday

Just when you thought The Daily Heil couldn’t sink any lower, it produces what it claims is a piece of “investigative journalism”, but is, in reality, a piece of cheap sensationalism written to an agenda. We all know how the Tories would like to ignore the issue of hunger caused by their welfare policies. We also know that they have a hard time grasping the fact that demand for food banks has increased since they came to office four years ago. Rather than deal with the problem of hunger, the Tories attack the food banks, claiming “people are more aware of them now” and “they’re better publicised”. But anyone who possesses a shred of humanity will recognise that the Tories are so desperate to deflect attention away from their heartlessly cruel policies, they will blame poverty and hunger on the food banks themselves or they will claim that everyone who has had to use a food bank to eat is somehow “cheating the system”. Run them out in 2015.

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Who do you bank with? This piece of public opinion was picked up from Twitter [Author: Unknown]. Who do you bank with? This piece of public opinion was picked up from Twitter [Author: Unknown]. Isn’t it a shame that on of our national Sunday newspapers has chosen to disrupt everybody’s enjoyment of our Easter eggs with a specious attempt to expose abuses of food banks and make operator the Trussell Trust look hypocritical?

Isn’t it also a shame that the Mail on Sunday didn’t make a few inquiries into the procedure for dealing with people who turn up at food banks without having been referred?

The paper’s reporters and editor could have, at least, opened a dictionary and looked up the meaning of the word “charity”.

Under the headline, ‘No ID, no checks… and vouchers for sob stories: The truth behind those shock food bank claims’, the paper today (April 20) published a story claiming that Trussell Trust food banks are breaking their own rules by…

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  1. Gregg Hill

    That this article would appear on the most important day in the Christian calendar is indicative of what god the Daily Maul’s editors (I’m assuming some of the paper’s writers are admitted atheists or agnostics) really worships.

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