Threats of death and violence after Channel 4 programme Benefits Street

Channel Four have, once again, shown us how far they’ve travelled from their former position as an innovative broadcaster. These days the channel flits between posh people helping other posh people to buy homes to outright voyeuristic trash like “My Big Gypsy Wedding”. Last night C4 took a leaf from Channel 5’s book and screened “Benefits Street”. Programmes such as these are produced for one purpose only: to give certain sections of the public a chance to indulge in a weekly 60 minutes of hate. The distorted picture of benefit claimants as pathologically workshy, shiftless and criminally-inclined is one that this venal government has worked tirelessly to construct. However it’s odd that the real villains (those who cheat their tax, for example or those companies who are addicted to state handouts) are given a free pass. C4 should not only hang its head in shame but those responsible for producing programmes like “Benefits Street” should be prosecuted for inciting hatred.

Pride's Purge

(not satire!)

Channel 4 executives should be proud of themselves. 

Their attempt to stereotype and demonise all of Britain’s 2.49 million unemployed by focussing on just 6 carefully chosen people and showing them in the worst possible light in their programme Benefits Street last night was so successful that Twitter exploded with threats of violence and even death against the participants:

violence benefits street blanked

The producers of the programme meanwhile defended it is a ‘sympathetic, humane and objective portrayal’ of those struggling to cope with austerity.

Not much sympathy, humanity or objectivity on display on Twitter however.

Isn’t there a law against this kind of incitement to violence in the UK?

If so, if any police officer would like to take this further, I’ve kept the names and IDs of the people responsible for the above (and more below) threatening tweets and I would be more than happy to help you with your…

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4 responses to “Threats of death and violence after Channel 4 programme Benefits Street

  1. And I thought a thug in my village was bad enough, when he proposed during a council meeting that new housing in the village (buying and social) should be blocked to immigrant, Muslim and other coloured scum…

  2. Gregg Hill

    It’s been said that you should only say on the ‘net what you would be prepared to say to someone to their face. It’s clear that a lot of people don’t believe in that principle.

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