Telegraph Comment of the Week (#5)

Another difficult choice with at least five comments in the race.

This isn’t a single comment, it’s a conversation of sorts between a pair of numpties and an interloper who’s trying to talk sense. This was found on Damian Thompson’s blog, which usually tends to attract a fair number of weirdos and cranks.

Convo between numpties

It’s the one whose username is a series of asterisks who writes…

and an awful lot of money could be returned to the UK treasury by selling the BBC to the Arabs, since it is already their principal propaganda outlet in the UK.

…that gets me.

“*****” presumes the BBC is part of some New World Order Eurabian conspiracy to force Sharia law onto us. The BBC isn’t “pro-Arab” at all – unless you’re watching a Bizarro World version of the Beeb.

“Fred Scuttle” makes a sensible point but then “binliedto” comes along and wishes he would “set [himself] on fire” Charming. Are the moderators actually doing their job?


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