Racism : Rife, Rewarded, Routinely Denied.

I’m reposting this blog, which sort of extends what I was saying about the racist van and those who defend this and the anti-immigration rhetoric of the government and who cite right-wing think tanks like Migration Watch UK as unassailable founts of truth and wisdom.

Neo-Feudal News

Anyone thinking racism, and a fetish for racism, are far from the surface of mainstream politics or media is shown horribly wrong by a series of recent events and coverage.
Make no mistake – the “Go Home” vans, supposedly targeting illegal migrants, were actually aimed at voters who don’t like immigrants (One can’t tell legal status without some investigation, so we’re often talking about dislike of immigrants / immigration generally.)

The chance of an illegal immigrant, having presumably had a difficult, expensive and risky time getting here, thinking “Ok, games up – I’ll turn myself in…” on reading a notice whizzing by that  probably isn’t in their first language…well it’s about as large as the credibility of a “recovery” fuelled by another artificial housing boom.

Yet the Home Office declared the vans were working within a few short days – scant time for collection of even initial data on how…

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