Crap Cycle Lanes (#3)

This is a classic case of a lack of ‘joined up’ thinking. Here, Transport for London (TfL) has wasted money building this impressive cycle path near the Hogarth Roundabout only to close it because it’s, er, dangerous.

But if they’ve blocked it with a pedestrian barrier, why did they need to attach a no entry sign to it?


It isn’t clear what you’re meant to do here. If you want to join the road, it’s a case of waiting  near the pedestrian refuge 2m to the right of this bizarre sight. The traffic is pretty heavy at the best of times because this is where motorists join the M4. You could be waiting for some time.

In the distance you can see another no entry sign where the useless path continues.

Hounslow-20130626-00109Cheers, TfL! Next time, why don’t you consult cyclists before you waste loads of money?



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2 responses to “Crap Cycle Lanes (#3)

  1. ??? I would have no idea what to do if I came upon that!

    That’s generally the problem isn’t it… when people make decisions about infrastructure, policies, laws and have no experience in the matter. (sigh)

    • Local authorities (TfL included) will find that they have some spare cash at the end of the financial year and some bright spark will think “Hey, let’s build a cycle path or paint a 5m broken white line on the road”. The trouble is none of them cycle and therefore don’t understand the challenges facing cyclists. Most cycle lanes in this country are useless and many are actually dangerous.

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