Crap cycle lanes (#1)

This is a new series dedicated to the crap cycle lanes that I encounter while I’m out riding. Here’s the first.
Hammersmith A4 (Bridge Road)This is near Hammersmith Bridge Road on the A4. The idea here is for cyclists to dematerialize and reappear on the other side of these obstacles.  If you’re caught cycling on the pavement, it’s a £30 to £80 fixed penalty – depending upon the borough.


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4 responses to “Crap cycle lanes (#1)

  1. I presume ‘cycling czar’ Andrew Gillshite has yet to break his silence on this issue?

    • He’s more interested in high-profile cycling issues and can’t be bothered with day-to-day issues. He’ll pop up whenever a cycling death occurs but beyond that it’s all PR and spin.

  2. That is so ridiculous!!! It’s like a sick joke that someone is playing on cyclists there!

    • I entirely agree. The vast majority of cycle lanes are designed by people who don’t cycle. But I sometimes think it goes beyond ignorance and they build these things to annoy cyclists.

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