Coming Here Soon: Greece Imprisoning Poor, Immigrants and LGBT in Internment Camps

Just had to reblog this. This is very disturbing. I’ll add more when I get the time.

Scriptonite Daily

A guard watches over illegal immigrants inside a newly-built detention camp at Amygdaleza suburb, the first such camp in the wider area of Athens

IMF imposed austerity measures have reduced Greek society to a shadow of its former self.  The resulting unemployment, poverty and homelessness has been hijacked by fascist elements to pit the poor against the poorer.  In the last year Greece has built a series of internment camps and launched raids on immigrant, addict and sex worker communities.  Now they are coming for poor and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people too. Is this a preview of dark coming attractions for the UK?

The State of Greece


It is worth briefly outlining the socio-economic catastrophe of Greek Austerity.

Greece accepted an £88bn loan from the IMF and the European Central Bank (and the Austerity measures attached) in order to bail out its banks and stay in the Euro.

The economy of Greece has shrunk every year for five years and the Austerity Programme has turned a financial crisis into…

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2 responses to “Coming Here Soon: Greece Imprisoning Poor, Immigrants and LGBT in Internment Camps

  1. It has some good points in it. However I am always uncomfortable when I see leftists using arguments like “we’re heading for fascism” or whatever (the blogger uses that argument elsewhere on the site – ten similarities between the UK and fascism or whatever). Things are bad enough as it is without having to hype it up by invoking the spectre of fascism.

  2. Sure. Good thing it wasn’t me, eh?

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