Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 49): a slight return

It seems my suspicions were correct. Apart from being an EDL supporter, Ms Chetrit/Shitrit (it’s a Sephardic name in case you were wondering) is also chummy with Pamela Geller of the infamous Atlas Shrugs website.

Hat tip @NemesisRepublic for these screen shots.

The first bemoans Geller being barred from a synagogue. Notice the UKIP icon in the corner of her profile photo. Interesting? No?


The second adopts the “if you aren’t with me, you’re with them” line that was much adored by George W Bush.


I think Kennite owes us all an apology for using the testimony of an EDL supporter as evidence. But I know that won’t happen any time soon. Gilligan has previously used the words of Daniel Pipes to support his ‘arguments’.

Geller publishes Kennite’s article in  full on her website.

She introduces the article by telling us:

I am very proud of Ms Chetrit, a twitter friend, she helped bring these jackals down.

Nowhere Towers will be watching both of them.

Once again we find that:

@MrsShitrit’s tweets are protected.

Only confirmed followers have access to @MrsShitrit’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.

How long before this one joins the chorus of fakers with the “My account was hacked” cliché?

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