Grilled Bozza served on a bed of chutzpah

In case anyone missed Bozza getting a grilling from the deadly Eddie Mair on yesterday’s Andrew Marr Show, here it is:

Here’s the full interview.

Even at the beginning of this interview, Bozza has a tough time as Mair asks him awkward questions.

During the course of the interview, Mair brought up the infamous telephone conversation between Johnson and his schoolfriend and fellow Bully Boy, Darius Guppy, in which the latter asks the former for a phone number of a News of the World journalist who crossed him. At last, here is a recording of that conversation:

A Classics graduate, Johnson seems to fancy himself as a latter day Roman emperor. Think of his vanity projects like the stupidly expensive Boris Bus and the cable car and you’ll see that Bozza has delusions of grandeur that are comparable to that of a vainglorious emperor of the Late Roman period.

I have read comments from people who seem to think that Bozza gave a good account of himself and castigated Mair for a “tabloid” interview. Mair had seen Michael Cockerell’s documentary on Johnson, which will be aired on BBC2 this evening, and it is this interview that Mair is focussing on. Anyone who thinks Bozza did a good job needs to learn how to read body language and think about how discourse is being used by him.

As London Mayor, Bozza has done nothing for the city. He’s taken Ken Livingstone’s ideas and claimed the credit for them. He has no ideas of his own and has been led around by his corporate chums. Bozza is nothing but a bullshitter.

London deserves better.

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One response to “Grilled Bozza served on a bed of chutzpah

  1. Richard Card

    Boris seemed like a sport in my dealings with him.

    I laid a Common Law Information of Treason naming Michael Fuller Chief constable of Kent. Then sent Boris a copy.

    As London Mayor it would be his responsibility to recommend the selected candidate., to her Majesty the Queen, for the office of Met Commissioner.

    Mr Fuller was bookies’ favourite I seem to recall.

    I thought a hypothetical dialogue might help

    Bo “Maam as in Jam not marm as in charm, I have to tell you about a difficulty arising from Common Law concerning the candidate. A Common Law Information of Treason”

    Mam “Why on earth would anyone lay such an information”

    Bo “Law of the Realm makes it obligatory mam”

    Mam “our law ?”

    Bo “Yes the law you swore to ensure in your Coronation oath when you became sole fount of justice in mercy”

    Mam “Who is Fuller supposed to have committed treason against ?”

    Bo “The sole fount of justice in mercy mam”

    Anyway Mr Fuller was dropped off the short list.

    If you want to know what some of the allegations of treason concern, your mate Andrew Gilligan was on to it years ago. Rosemary Nelson Inquiry (The original murder inquiry). But what do you get if you remove labels like Combat 18 and Column 88 from a story yet still are talking about far right paramilitary collusions ? A story Gilligan wouldn’t run.


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