Prinz Harry versus the beastly Taliban

This morning the BBC News Channel gave us 28 minutes of its airtime to show us a film of Royal brat, Prinz Harry (yes, I insist on spelling the word “prince” in German) posing beside his Apache helicopter and sharing meals with his pals. Such a brave young man. He killed beastly Taliban insurgents. He’s like a one man army. But others are not so fortunate. They have their limbs blown off or are traumatized for life. Prinz Harry got off lightly and the Army was always going to make sure he came back in one piece. He won’t be neglected by the Army either, like so many other soldiers, who get a kick in the teeth or who have to endure substandard housing.  Some are caught up in the criminal justice system or end up sleeping rough on the streets. That won’t happen to Prinz Harry, who will have a nice warm palace to live in.

In the eyes of the mainstream media, the Prinz is a hero because anyone can be a hero these days – especially if you’re a Prinz. The word “hero” has become so devalued by the British media. All you have to do to qualify is be a soldier in Afghanistan. That’s all.  You don’t even have to rescue a comrade while under fire either. You just have to be there.

I suspect the Prinz will sign himself up as patron of Help for Heroes. Then he’ll do a strip for the cameras or don his Nazi uniform for a larf. Go on, Harry, give us a twirl!

Today the government announced 5,300 Army cuts… the day after Cameron talked about fighting “terrorists” in North Africa.



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2 responses to “Prinz Harry versus the beastly Taliban

  1. I hope the debate doesn’t go away….today we talked about it in class but not sure they got it..

  2. I agree, Jane. I introduced the concept of mediation in my groups. I hope that was ok.

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