Gorgeous George, where were you?

A Havana cigar. I couldn’t be bothered to find an image of Galloway

One face that was noticeably absent from the crucial vote on the Benefits Uprating Bill, was that of George Galloway. It seems Galloway had more important things to do: like prepare for Bradford City’s match against Aston Villa in the Capital One Cup (The League Cup). It’s good that Bradford City beat Villa, but Galloway’s priorities are, shall we say, all wrong?

For someone who describes himself as a socialist, Galloway is a remarkably selfish and self-obsessed man. He couldn’t even be bothered to speak on behalf of his constituents, many of whom will be affected by the Con Dem’s government’s decision to cap benefit rises by 1% over 3 years. I wonder how his constituents feel about his absence from the Commons on such an important day?

I realize that I’ve cut Galloway a little too much slack in the past. No more.  I’m watching you, Gorgeous. The Cat is putting you on notice.



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7 responses to “Gorgeous George, where were you?

  1. I was one of those who voted for George ( http://jatkinson1977.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/george-galloway-gorgeous-gregarious-or-ghastly/ ) and have felt let down ever since (http://jatkinson1977.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/in-george-galloways-love-hate-realtionship-with-the-media-is-bradford-just-a-gooseberry/ ). He’s been self-serving and has done little, if anything, for Bradford, except a few (very few) speeches about us.
    He’s not often seen in Bradford and there’s even a Twitter account requesting info about where our absent MP is – @wheresgeorge9
    Overall, pretty poor from GG – and now it’s been suggested he won’t run in 2015, we’re left wondering what these brief sojourn in Bradford’s been about.

    • They call Parliament “the best club in town”. It would seem that Galloway just wanted to rejoin the club rather than represent his constituents. Some socialist. I’ve got more socialism in my little finger than he has in his entire body.

  2. friendlylefty

    I’m no wholly uncritical devotee, but George Galloway is more of a socialist than the vast majority of self appointed guardians of progressive values you find littering the blogosphere. Yeah, he missed a vote that he couldn’t have swung. Yeah, he probably shouldn’t have done. Big deal.

    • No, he shouldn’t have missed the vote. Even a symbolic presence would have been better than none at all.

      Caroline Lucas managed to turn up and speak. Why not Galloway? She clearly didn’t think it was a waste of time.

  3. Reblogged this on ThePoliticalIdealist.com and commented:
    George Galloway is a fatal liability for Respect. When a party’s elected leader resigns because of the actions of her MP then there is something terribly wrong with the organisation’s health.

    Respect could have had a lot to contribute to progressive debate in Britain. Instead they will eke out their existence failing to control their absentee MP.

  4. Just read the last part of this post again. I wish he had been in Bradford preparing for the match – in fact, he was sunning himself in Egypt.

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