Dear Andrew Mitchell, this is what the cops are like. Welcome to the real world

So, Andrew Mitchell, you’ve finally learned what many of us knew all along: the police fit people up. Gone are the days of Dixon of Dock Green with his ready smile and “Evening all” catchphrase. But then, we all knew that Dixon was a fabrication, much like the cop’s “hard” evidence. Remember Derek Bentley on the roof of that warehouse in Croydon? You probably don’t. He said, “Let him have it, Chris” to Chris Craig but the police, who are also ever-so-good at grammar, told the court that Bentley had told Craig to shoot PC Miles. Craig fired the gun at Miles and he was killed. Bentley, who didn’t fire the pistol, was hanged for murder. Craig, who was a minor at the time, was not hanged. They called it “joint enterprise”.

You see, Andrew, for years those of us who come from working class backgrounds know what the police are like. The cop clipping a child “around the ear” was always more likely to be something far more brutal. They make up evidence. They lie in court. They destroy evidence linking them to any misdeeds. They don’t work for me and now you realize that they don’t work for you either. They look after themselves.

Derek Bentley was pardoned in 1993 after a 45 year long campaign, which included a film (Let Him Have It) and a song by Elvis Costello in 1989. Here’s the song. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Andrew, you’re one lucky fella.  You’re not in the same boat as Bentley and the others who were executed or languished in prison on trumped up charges.


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