UKIP, Rotherham and lies

Honestly, it was this big!

Honestly, it was this big!

Have you noticed how quickly the row over the Rotherham Fostering incident died down? Funny isn’t it? I’d  always thought there was more to this story than UKIP or the Tory press was telling us. Gove was quick to make political capital out of the whole business but it looks to have failed him completely.

Last week this story appeared in The Guardian.

The placement with the Ukip-supporting foster couple was not intended to be long-term. It was an emergency move amid allegations that the children’s birth father had sexually abused two of his daughters and had held a knife to his wife’s head while she was holding their baby. According to the birth parents, the children were taken in a raid by police and social workers earlier this year.

There were also fears the children’s birth parents knew or might be able to find out where the foster parents lived. Though both the birth mother and father claim to continue to have supervised contact with some of their other children, it is believed social workers do not want the parents to know exactly where the children are living because of safety concerns.

There was also tension between the council and Rotherham’s 3,500-strong Roma population, almost all of whom moved to the South Yorkshire town since EU enlargement in 2004.

Interesting. Let’s continue reading,

A meeting was held after Czech and Slovak media reports claimed that Roma children were being “sold” to white couples in Britain under the guise of adoption. A community worker present at that meeting said relatives of the children in the Ukip foster case had harangued the council , asking why the children had been taken away and stripped of their language and heritage.

The children’s parents, Roma who moved to Rotherham, told the Guardian they have been in and out of family courts trying to get their children back after they returned from an earlier foster placement unable to speak their mother tongue.

The parents claim the children had been taken away after one of their sons had been found wandering the streets of Rotherham at 2am shortly after arriving in Britain. They said social workers also had concerns about overcrowding: at the time the family were living in a house that was infested with mice.

Social workers wanted the children to be permanently removed from their parents, concerned after discovering the father had been accused of sexually abusing his wife’s daughter from a previous relationship. A social worker from Rotherham Borough Council had travelled to their hometown to try to find out more about the family, and co-operated with the local social services department.

There’s more,

But a family court judge ruled three of the children should be returned to the parents after the birth parents successfully argued that the council had failed in their duty to ensure the children enjoyed the linguistic right to learn and speak the language of their birth. In an interview, the father, along with his wife, told the Guardian the claims of sexual and physical abuse were unfounded. “We just want the children back and the social services to leave us alone. We just want to live as a normal family,” said the father.

He said he was “disgusted” to learn that his children had been placed with foster carers who were members of a party opposed to eastern European immigration.

The man said he only found out his family was at the centre of a political and media storm when his barrister told him at a court hearing this Wednesday.

My bold. UKIP didn’t want anyone to know about this. They presented this as a clear cut case of political persecution. It wasn’t.

But Gove and the Torygraph weren’t the only ones to cry foul. Bullshit blogger, Guido Fawkes published this dreck.

There is no doubt that the children removed from the foster care of a UKIP supporting couple are just the latest victims of the culture war being waged by so-called “progressives”. Marxists and Fabians have long waged war on the traditional family since the days of George Bernard Shaw when he wrote in “Socialism and the Family” that socialism…

Shame none of that is true. Eh, Guido? Notice how he uses the opportunity to regurgitate the “cultural Marxism” myth. You could say that Piss Staines’s blog is a sort of one stop shop for your two-minutes of hate. Have a look at the comments for examples of swivel-eyed, spittle-flecked rage if you dare.

If Gove wants to get rid of qualifications for teachers, you can imagine what his views on social workers are like.

There’s another take on this on Zarathustra’s blog.

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