Great blog from Johnny Void. (Lord) Freud’s proposals are simply cruel and barbaric. His solution for those on the Universal Credit (just the name says it all) who can’t manage their money is to burden them with more debt in the form of “financial products” or “loans/debts” as they’re better known. To say this government’s moral compass is faulty would be untrue. They never had a moral compass to start with.

the void

lord-fraud-freudBenefit claimants who struggle to manage their budgets when Universal Credit is introduced are to be charged to use the new ‘financial products’ that Lord Freud and the DWP are implementing.

Up to 2.5 million claimants are estimated to need some support when the new welfare and Tax Credit system is introduced next year,  which will make benefit payments monthly for the first time.  Claimants will also no longer have the option to have rent payments sent direct to landlords.

The DWP has invited banks, mobile phone companies, smart card companies (ominously) and any other private sector shark who’d like a slice of the benefit bill,to bid for a whopping £145 million worth of contracts to design budgeting support.  Despite this huge sum claimants are expected to be charged for any continuing support once they have been on the new benefit over 12 months.  The contract specifications say:

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