Crime down in LBH&F?

I’m not sure I believe the Council when it says that there are “fewer” crimes in the borough. I suspect the means by which the local police measure their crime statistics is flawed.

Yesterday, Hammersmith’s tube stations had a heavy police presence. There was even a dog handler roaming about, his dog’s nose trying to make the distinction between drug smells and exhaust fumes. It’s the run-up to Christmas, so the cops are at tube stations to nick casual drug users and get some drugs in for their festive celebrations.  Drug users are an easy collar. While they’re hanging around the tube station, someone somewhere in the borough is being robbed.

My storage shed has been burgled twice in the space of two years. On the last occasion, no one from the local police station came out to see me. Instead, they told me to “look on Ebay” for my stolen bikes.  This is what I pay my Council Tax for: so that the police can tell me to do their job for them.

UPDATE: 7/12/12 @ 1338

I’ve just seen YBF member Cllr Greg Smith on BBC London News unveiling a new CCTV control centre.  He told Alice Bhandhukravi that the centre was there to prevent/stop anti-social behaviour. It’s as if this Tory council’s only concern is with drunken louts and not serious crimes, like those that I’ve been a victim of.  Piss poor.


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