While Europe is on strike, Britain’s unions sit on their hands

If you don’t know by now, Europe’s unions have walked out on strike today in protest against the austerity measures being implemented by their governments. Meanwhile in Britain, there’s nothing.

A month ago, the TUC leadership proudly announced that they had consulted its members on whether or not to go for a general strike. Since then nothing has happened. It’s all gone a bit quiet.

Like it or not, the UK is geographically located in Europe, not the USA or the middle of the Atlantic  So what happened? It seems to me that our union leaders talk a good talk but when it comes to real action, they’re completely inert. They should be telling their members to express solidarity with their continental comrades and walk out. Instead, they pontificate, prevaricate and procrastinate while the government walks all over us.

A few weeks ago,  Dizzy Doug Carswell claimed that there was “no austerity in Britain”. Such sentiments come from the same wellspring as “there’s no poverty in Britain”. But that’s relativistic tosh. This may not be India or Chad, but for a supposedly rich nation, people are going hungry and many are forced to make the choice between food and heating.

Are we that cowed in this country that we can’t bring ourselves to strike back against those who inflict daily punishments on the nation’s workers, the disabled, the elderly and the poor?

The TUC is weak and led by a bureaucracy that would rather pimp its members to the nation’s rapacious capitalists than fight for jobs.


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