Fancy a laager? Britain’s right-wing press does.

You can tell something’s wrong: the usual suspects in Britain’s right-wing media have been working overtime to smear Tom Watson and discredit abuse victim, Steven Messham. The most recent effort in the Daily Heil was penned by notorious propagandist and smear jockey, David Rose, whom Tom Pride outed as a phony yesterday.

Ian Bone tells us that Rose’s hatchet-job has been pulled from the Mail’s website. 

The Right have retreated into their laager mentality and are now lashing out without a single thought. They accuse Newsnight of shoddy reporting, yet here they are thrashing about, throwing punches at anyone who asks serious questions about a high level paedophile ring that has operated in this country for the better part of 40 years with the protection of the police and the security services.

Anyone would think that there was a massive cover-up happening with the collusion of right-wing journalists, who smear the victims and accuse those who want to get at the truth of being “hysterical”.

What these hacks don’t realize is that by smearing Watson and ridiculing Messham, they are party to the cover-up.

Yesterday, former Tory minister, David ‘Toe Job’ Mellor appeared on The Sunday Politics. He called Messham “a weirdo”. Brillo didn’t challenge him but later claimed on Twitter that he didn’t approve of Mellor’s language. It’s a bit late for that. No? Besides, why is Mellor on our telly screens anyway? Didn’t he resign in disgrace? What’s he got to offer? Nothing. Back in your box, Toe Job.

Today’s Heil carries this article from headbanger Andrew Pierce, who paints Watson as a “zealot”.

There is no doubt that Tom Watson is a tenacious crusader. Indeed, he deserves considerable credit for his pioneering determination to expose the shameful and illegal behaviour of journalists at the News Of The World, where hacking was rife. It was why Watson was voted Backbench MP of the Year in 2011.

But many colleagues now fear he has overstepped the mark with his claims of a paedophile ring with No 10 links. And many are now beginning to question whether, as well as a quest for justice, his antipathy towards the Tories – and in particular Margaret Thatcher – has driven this latest campaign.

You can tell this numpty is a fan of The Auld Witch. He concludes,

But two years later he was embroiled in controversy once again with the resignation of Damian McBride as Brown’s spin doctor. McBride had lived up to his ‘McPoison’ nickname when it emerged that he had concocted untrue and offensive emails to try to smear Tory MPs.

McBride resigned, and Watson was accused of being implicated. He denied it and later told friends that what followed was ‘the worst week of my political life’.

After Brown lost the election in 2010, Watson joined the Culture, Media and Sport select committee. Just two days later phone hacking was back on the front pages, the committee decided to investigate it, and Watson turned it into a personal crusade.

Pure poison.


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