So who did you remember on this Remembrance Sunday, Dave?

Britain’s Chief Bully lays a wreath, while protesters are killed by British made weapons

No prizes for guessing the answer to that question. He remembered all the lovely dictators and absolute monarchs he sold guns, bullets, rockets and tanks to last week. And while he was doing that, Britain’s trading partner, Bahrain, was crushing more dissent with British-made weaponry. Protests have been banned and people are still being killed.

The protests and accompanying crackdown in Kuwait has also been ignored by our news media. Since 1898, Kuwait has enjoyed close ties with Britain, when it volunteered itself to become a bridgehead into the dying Ottoman Empire, which Britain had long sought to carve up (the Crimean War was waged to prevent Russia from exploiting the so-called “Sick man of Europe”).

So while Dave and his Tory chums were speaking movingly about those who fell in Britain’s many wars, people were dying in the streets of gulf states, killed by weapons made in this country.


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