The wrong McAlpine?

The Guardian tells us that the “wrong McAlpine” was named in the North Wales paedophile scandal.

New evidence obtained by the Guardian suggests that the senior Conservative figure at the centre of sex abuse allegations broadcast last week by BBC2’s Newsnight has been a victim of mistaken identity.

A local councillor who was himself a victim of abuse at Bryn Estyn, the Wrexham care home at the centre of the allegations, told the Guardian on Thursday he did not believe Lord (Alistair) McAlpine was involved in the scandal.

McAlpine, who served as a Tory treasurer under Margaret Thatcher, has been widely named on the internet after another former resident of the home, Steve Messham, told Newsnight that he had been taken to a Wrexham hotel and abused by a prominent Thatcher-era Tory figure more than a dozen times.

The McAlpine in question is, rather conveniently, dead. But we can be clear about two things: the McAlpines are based in North Wales and they enjoy very intimate relations with the Conservative Party. We can also be clear that Newsnight didn’t actually name Alistair McAlpine, the legion of Twitterers jumped to that conclusion based on information found around the Internet and elsewhere.

Interestingly enough, the mainstream media has been quick to point out that the age of consent for gay men was 21 until fairly recently. But there’s one problem with this line of thinking: it is an obfuscation and given the horror stories that I’ve read, none of the boys who were abused by these men, consented to having sexual relations with them.

Yesterday, Cameron was ambushed by Philip Schofield (of all people) on This Morning.

Here Cameron conflates homosexuality with paedophilia. He can deny it but it’s there. Schofield’s biggest mistake, however, was to tell Cameron that he’d trawled the Internet for names. The Internet is a contested space where almost anything that isn’t produced by the establishment media can be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”. This is to overlook the fact that the mainstream media also gets things wrong. Remember The Times and The Hitler Diaries? However it is wrong for the establishment media to define the terms of debate when they have proven themselves incapable of keeping their own houses in order.

The Tories don’t like the idea of their dirty deeds being exposed for all to see and will use all available means to silence criticism. We’ve had Tory MP after Tory MP popping up to complain about the setting up of inquiries into the recent scandals. They did the same thing with Leveson.  They doth protest too much.

Last weekend Tom Watson said on his blog,

I’m not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. It’s spooked me so much that I’ve kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen.

He received “warnings” that his personal safety could be imperilled. Since Watson brought these scandals to public attention, he has been a thorn in the government’s side. He has been dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” by many Tories.

Yesterday we also learnt that photographic evidence had been destroyed by “the authorities”.  The question we are entitled to ask here is “on whose orders was this carried out”?

What worries me is that any concern that we have for the truth is being drowned out by a chorus of CONSPIRACY THEORY.

The other thing of great concern is that the victims will not be heard nor will they get the justice they deserve.

We cannot allow this to happen.

The wrong McAlpine may have been named on the Internet but that does not mean that this case should be slammed shut. That’s exactly what the guilty parties want.



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2 responses to “The wrong McAlpine?

  1. Jimmy P

    Here I actually think that David Cameron may have been implying that the conspiracy theories conflate homosexuality with paedophilia (and it is certain that some do) and was not making the direct link himself. It is an association that people with certain beliefs often mistakenly refer to (although thankfully more often in the USA than the UK).

    I’m the last person that would usually spring to Dave’s defence, but in this case I think it would be misguided to point the accusatory finger his way. For so many other things, mind …

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