I’m an MP who’s going to take time off to get my mug on the telly (again)

Is Dorries a bigger self-publicist than Mensch?

Nadine Dorries. She loves attention. I hear that she’s to become a contestant on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

So while Dorries is eating insects and mugging the camera, who is going to be looking after her constituents? What about her surgeries? As she won’t be in the Commons, she won’t be present for debates or votes.  From the Telegraph,

Nadine Dorries, a frequent critic of David Cameron, signed up to spend up to a month away from her Bedfordshire constituency and the House of Commons without consulting her party.

The controversial MP has already flown to Australia to prepare for the show, which could earn her up to £40,000 for the appearance, on top of her £65,000-plus MP salary.

The Conservative Party could now look into whether Mrs Dorries is breaking the MPs’ code of conduct, which says she must “always behave with probity and integrity”.

The MP could be disciplined if she misses a crucial vote on the EU budget and fails to turn up for George Osborne’s autumn statement on the economy.

I began writing a story a few years ago about a world in which free market economists were celebrated and MPs were reduced to being contestants on gameshows. Little did I realize that what I was writing would become a reality.

Dorries isn’t the first to appear on a reality game show, Gorgeous George Galloway embarrassed himself on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

Dorries previously appeared on Channel 4’s Tower Block of Commons, in which she was supposed to live on benefits. In one scene, she produced £50 from her bra when she was supposed to be living on next to nothing.

Given her recent outbursts about “posh boys”, The Cat has his fingers crossed Dorries is preparing for an eventual Commons exit. Well, we can hope.

UPDATE 6/11/12 @ 1744

Dorries has just had the whip withdrawn.

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One response to “I’m an MP who’s going to take time off to get my mug on the telly (again)

  1. Reblogged this on Representing the Mambo and commented:
    I’ve got a few other things I’d like to say about Nadine Dorries in a post I’m about to put up. Suffice it to say. I really, really dislike her and her decision to go on the jungle show to raise the issue of abortion time limits just illustrates how deluded and obsessive she is. I’m entirely in agreement with this post from the Cat. As an aside, Louise Mensch condemning her really is an extraordinary example of the pot calling the kettle black…….

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